Mapping Drives to emulate CD-ROMs for kid's games

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by SonoranDude, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. SonoranDude

    SonoranDude Guest

    Many of you may have kids and you know what it is like for them to trash
    CD-ROMs with scratches, peanut butter you name it. Below I will give you
    instructions on how to copy your CD to a folder and put it back on the shelf
    out of sight and out of the little hands that will eventually trash the

    There are CD-ROM emulators that are nifty and are not too expensive but I
    have found that if I map a drive letter to a share with the contents of the
    CD it works just great except on some newer games.

    For non-networking folks I will explain the mapping later in this post so
    you can give it a try. My problem is that on some of the newer CDs like
    Nemo's Underwater Adventures I can install from the share and load the game
    fine but when it comes time to run the game it knows it's not a CD and asks
    for the original Disk... Bummer...
    Does anyone have a reg tweak to fool the game to believing it's a CD? I'm
    pretty sure it's not in any of the ini files from the install but I may be
    wrong. If I mount the Nemo Game using Emulation software it works just fine
    from a hard disk. I'm missing someting. I rename the share to the exact name
    of the particular CD-ROM but there must be some sort of security feature
    looking for some CD-ROM attribute.

    Any suggestions?

    Creating a share to emulate a CD-ROM for most kid's games:

    To create shares you must have a computer connected to a home network or at
    least a DSL/Cable Modem through ethernet. Add your kid's logon to the PC
    that you will be sharing files. You can map to a share on your own computer
    also and a logon will not be necessary. I use an external 200GB disk to
    create my shares. On this Disk I create a folder with the same name as the
    original CD-ROM and drag all files from the CD to it. I remove all the
    autorun.ini files because if you leave them in and the drive is mapped at
    start-up you will have a bunch of kids games loading up everytime you

    Right click on this new folder and select share this folder and leave the
    default permissions because you really don't care about security for your
    kid's games.
    Then on my kid's computer I will map the network drive.

    Right click My Computer and select EXPLORE
    Go to Tools and Map Network Drive.
    Choose any available drive letter and use the following format for the
    folder location:
    that is \\computername\folder in general terms....
    Verify that the reconnect at login is checked and click apply... A window
    will pop up with all the CD files and you can double click the setup and
    start installing.
    After installing I create a shortcut for the game on my kid's desktop. Now
    all her and the other 5 yearolds need to do is double click on an icon and
    start playing... no CDs no mess just fun and it's very fast.... The games
    load much faster than a CD-ROM even over ethernet.

    Give it a try... I just hope someone can help me figure out a way to fool
    the newer CDs.
    SonoranDude, Sep 4, 2004
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  2. SonoranDude

    Toolman Tim Guest

    | Many of you may have kids and you know what it is like for them to

    Why don't ya just burn a backup copy of the CD, and put the original one
    away for safe keeping?
    Toolman Tim, Sep 4, 2004
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  3. SonoranDude

    Sunny Guest

    I do, for all game CDs, however you need a program like cloneCD, to get
    working copies of protected CDs.
    Nero/ECDCreator etc. don't cut it :)
    Sunny, Sep 4, 2004
  4. SonoranDude

    SonoranDude Guest

    I think you guys are missing the point here and I may be talking way over
    your heads... I'm talking CD emulation (Pretending to be a CD) not copying a
    CD for safe keeping. You don't need the game CD at all if you follow the
    instructions in my original post.

    Once you map the drive with the CD files (That means put them on a Hard Disk
    in a folder and create a DRIVE letter to get to them.) The game will play
    many times faster than if it was in the CD-ROM drive because ethernet can
    transfer data in Mega bits per second where the fastest CD drive available
    is still chugging along in the Kilo bits per second.

    Because most of the games only know it was installed from X:\Setup.... X
    being the drive mapping of the original CD files the game will run just fine
    with the original CD sitting on your shelf. Another game can be mapped to
    Z:\Setup or L:\Setup or M:\Setup... Get the picture?

    There are 27 letters in the alphabet minus your A:\Floppy and C:\System and
    D:\CD-ROM You can use all remaining letters of the alphabet to map drives.
    If the file and foldernames are different on the game CDs you can plop
    multiple CDs into one Drive mapping as long as it is not one of the newer
    CDs that has some kind of Disk check that I asked for help on.

    This may be too complex for many computer users but I'm sure there are a few
    network savvy people out there that can understand this very easily.
    Here is a tutorial I found that may help you understand the drive mapping

    I have searched the Web for anything regarding CD emulation and drive
    mapping and haven't seen anything anywhere so I am the expert. Try it on an
    old CD for yourself. It is very useful if you have plenty of hard drive
    space to store CDs on. Emulation software cost money... this is free and it

    Good luck.
    SonoranDude, Sep 4, 2004
  5. SonoranDude

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> "SonoranDude"
    Funny, I only count 26.
    DevilsPGD, Sep 4, 2004
  6. SonoranDude

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> "SonoranDude"
    Daemon-Tools. Build an image. Mount the image. Done.
    DevilsPGD, Sep 4, 2004
  7. SonoranDude

    Sunny Guest

    One or two of these are free :
    Sunny, Sep 5, 2004
  8. SonoranDude Guest

    here boy, fetch...
    good doggy....

    backup copy of CD does not solve the problem:
    Kids will destroy cd's, but they can't scratch a mapped drive (read access).

    for the OP: for copyprotected CD's, use a CD emulator such as Daemon Tools.
    it's free and creates up to 4 drives i think.
    you can still create the drive mappings to share them on your network.

, Sep 5, 2004
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