MAMB problem solved

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by harryt, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. harryt

    harryt Guest

    I got a new computer and found that I kept getting run time errors when
    trying to access Malwarebytes' AntiMalware after installing it.

    Their support told me that I was probably lacking the necessary VB run
    time files. They were right. If any of you get into the same situation
    and get these run time errors, follow this advice:

    runtime error '0' & runtime error (440 automation error)

    Go to the MS link given me -

    and download the VB files and install them. Everything worked fine for
    me. I have MBAM back again. (I did uninstall the old version of MBAM
    from my machine and installed the new version, although this might work
    for you without uninstalling and reinstalling.)

    MBAM support was *very* quick and accurate.

    Just thought I'd pass this on.
    harryt, Sep 9, 2009
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