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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by mer, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. mer

    mer Guest

    I'm using dial up and that's slow enough to begin with, but the malware/addware
    or whatever it's really called slows things to the extreme. I've got Spybot and
    run that now and then, but it doesn't seem to matter because those programs get
    back in pretty quickly and some of them it seems as soon as I log on. Is there a
    way to keep them out altogether that won't slow the computer way down? I've
    gotten the impression that some defense programs slow things down more than the
    viruses do...
    mer, Jan 30, 2013
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  2. mer

    Mike Easter Guest

    Read on achp-h, f/ups to achp-h

    Indeed both do.
    That is not normal. That is, your configuration should not result in
    prompt reinfection which requires repeat sanitization. The first line
    of defense is not anti-malware, but browser configuration.

    Realtime antimalware is a burden on resources which may be in short supply.

    There are several sites which have good guidelines to sanitization
    steps. Your report of immediate reinfection suggests that you have not
    adequately sanitized with SpyBot. Some infections require
    investigations with a combination of tools which provide logs and expert
    interpretation of those logs.
    You forgot to mention your operating system and version and preferred
    browser and version and your current chosen realtime antimalware.
    Mike Easter, Jan 30, 2013
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  3. mer

    Ting Hsu Guest

    First, you should use the free version of MBAM and clean up your
    system (and then use it on a regular basis).

    After that, replace your hosts file on a regular basis. The hosts file
    referenced below blocks all currently known malicious (and ad related)
    web addresses. Since the majority of infections come through browsing
    the web, this helps a lot.
    Ting Hsu, Jan 31, 2013
  4. mer

    Paul Guest

    Dialup networking, at 5KB/sec, gives enough bandwidth for
    discretionary surfing. With some care in what sites
    you select for viewing, you can do a few things.
    (Like, my weather site, can give a weather forecast,
    without needing a lot of downloading.)

    But when it comes to maintaining an OS, the overhead level
    is really too much for dialup. If Adobe Flash, or some
    other program, is always phoning home and checking for updates
    at startup, that can slow things down a lot. Or Windows Update,
    if you have that set to automatic. If you're using an AV program,
    the definition updates for that can be overwhelming at times.
    The sum total is, it's pretty hard to check the weather,
    when the computer is "making a meal for itself" all the time.

    You need an OS which is doing less stuff on its own,
    to feel more in control. And to be able to check
    the weather again. And that's not the design trend.
    Even with Linux, there are a few things they do after bootup,
    that might make use of a dialup connection, so you might
    not even have peace and quiet with one of those OSes installed.


    There's a lot that could be done to your installation,
    to make things better. I'm not competent to do all of it,
    or explain it all. And there are some things you can do,
    which will "fix it", but you won't like the side effects.
    For example, on an older OS, Windows "SteadyState" is a way
    of locking down the OS, so fewer things can take over. A
    similar concept, is the way the OS is set up on the machines
    at the public library or an Internet Cafe, where the user's
    environment is refreshed on each reboot. The problem there,
    is you don't get to keep your user files.

    Using AV tools, is a "next best" alternative. The tradeoff there,
    on a low performance computer, is having all the CPU cycles
    sucked up by the software. Some of the sluggish feeling can
    be removed, by using an SSD in place of a hard drive (so
    the accessing of files is less noticeable). But the AV tool
    is going to want daily updates, and when that download happens,
    you're going to need to "walk away" from the dialup computer.


    Doing a "clean install", might give momentary relief from
    your current symptoms. Followed by reinstalling your AV
    program. But that's a pretty extreme solution to the problem.
    Running MBAM might help, but then, we
    don't really know exactly how messed up your system is.

    (There is a free version.)

    Paul, Jan 31, 2013
  5. mer

    Flasherly Guest

    It does, but if 'whatever it's called' is the extent of understanding,
    then it's best to be aware of limitations imposed, for protection,
    they'll provide over what someone unprepared might encounter if to say
    they were running without protection. Host files, another approach
    already mentioned, simply block out, for you, a lot of sites deemed
    potentially adverse. Within a realistic framework of physical
    limitations of speed -- let us for convenience just say you're able to
    get around 56K as far as getting whatever programs are initially
    needed, inclusive of the OS -- 56K interactive WEB speeds, as another
    has mentioned, are acceptable for a wide variety of sites under a
    provision of relative expectancy and understanding upon return-
    potential of information and results obtained.

    I do mentor someone on 56K, because he pays over what I deem
    reasonable for a simplistic understanding of computers at TELCO bare-
    copper rates surcharges;- might I add at near parity to my monetary
    outlay for high-speed, from an advanced understanding of means and
    methods he couldn't be expected nor has any inclination to master.

    How I approached that particular arrangement was through a brief
    explanation, if at all a fly-by entirely over his head, of minimum
    losses he'll incur, should he infect or otherwise damage the software
    system, in turn to require of me, quite willingly I might add, to
    reinstate a binary sector backup of the HD. Although he doesn't get
    around well in navigating a HD, he does with only one remiss, manage
    not to go to sites most likely to figuratively screw him up, in the
    butt, namely PORN sites that will constipate computers from regularly
    do-doing, or delivering their goodies.

    He did as well at one point want some of 'whatever its called,' after
    an incident at a PORN site, when he called me up with his pants down,
    caught and buggered upon on inauspicious evening during Christmas
    season festivities. I shook my finger most vigorously at him -- said,
    "No..No..No...," thoroughly to engage his attention, "No PORN sites,"
    before slapping him across the snout once for good measure. A
    placebo, I suppose is then what he wanted, and so I gave him CLAM to
    chew on, a virus scanner off free sources alternatives to, as you
    mention, mixing sand and sawdust into a go-go, juiced-up computer on
    56K... . Do understand, a good many of us here know perfectly, and
    well, how to best employ a 56K modem from when that's all any of us
    either had.
    Flasherly, Jan 31, 2013
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