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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by money makers, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. money makers

    money makers Guest

    Make Money With Pay-Pal!! Seen on Oprah!! Very Legit! Sat, 30 June
    2007 20:19

    Make Money With Pay-Pal!! Seen on Oprah!! Very Legit!

    Get Your PAYPAL CASH Gift Today! This thing really works, all you have
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    Please take a moment to read and understand this program I'm sharing
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    won't need to run a website,
    or make phone calls, or make photocopies, or send out letters through
    the mail, or pay for advertising, etc. The only things you will need

    * An email address
    * A Premier or Business PayPal account with at least $5 deposited in
    * 30 minutes of your time


    If you are doing other programs, by all means stay with them. The more
    the merrier, BUT PLEASE READ ON!! First of all, there are only TWO
    POSITIONS, not four; five or six like many other programs. This
    program is more realistic and much, MUCH FASTER. Because it is so
    easy, the
    response rate for this program is VERY HIGH and VERY FAST, and you
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    in 50 message boards, chat rooms, or newsgroups. You don't need to
    post 200 like others programs or email 40 people just to get started.
    Even if you are already in a program like the send six dollars to six
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    yourself a favor, DO THIS ONE TODAY as well, RIGHT NOW!!! It is simple
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    keep it going and help each other in these tough times. We all owe
    money to bill collectors, and creditors. But, with this, if people
    take the time to help each other, the good fortune will follow. SO,
    Take the measly minutes this SIMPLE and REWARDING program offers and
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    Simply send a $5 gift to the person at POSITION ..1, if your birthday
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    YOU NEED TO DO. . .

    STEP 1 Ok, if you're not already a PayPal user, the very first thing
    you need to do is use the PayPal link below and SIGN UP. It takes just
    two minutes! Here's the URL: Be sure to use this
    link so you can sign up for a free PREMIER or BUSINESS account. You'll
    need to have a PREMIER or BUSINESS account (and not a PERSONAL
    account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card payments
    from other people.

    STEP 2 It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give
    in order to receive. So the first thing to do when you have your
    Premier/Business PayPal account is to IMMEDIATELY send a $5 payment
    from your PayPal account to the email address in the position (1 or 2
    - depending on your birthday in the timeline), along with a note
    saying: "HERE IS A $5 GIFT FOR YOU." Be certain to add this note, as
    this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAM LEGAL. Instructions on how to send a
    are under "SEND MONEY" at the Paypal Site. It's so Easy!! When you
    send your $5 payment to either address in the list, do it with a great
    big smile on your face because "as you sow, so shall you reap!" After
    you have transferred a $5 payment to the email address, something very
    eerie happens. It gives you an indescribable, overwhelming sense of
    certainty, belief and conviction in the system. You've just proved to
    yourself that, because you have done it, there must be a great number
    of other people ready to do exactly the same. Thus you have now seen
    for yourself, first hand, that this business actually works!

    STEP 3 REMOVE the email address you are replacing (the one you sent $5
    to), and REPLACE it with your own email address. REMEMBER: Use the
    same EMAIL ADDRESS that is used with YOUR Paypal account ! ! Paste
    your newly typed email address over the old one and then post to 50
    Message Boards, Chat Rooms, or Newsgroups. DON'T MULL OVER IT, JUST 30

    POSITION..1 ---)
    POSITION..2 ---)

    KEEPS ON GIVING. This is excellent seed money to start or expand a
    business, buy your dream home, car and pay off whatever bills you may
    have. Good luck and God Bless. Play fairly and good fortune will

    WHY THIS PROGRAM WORKS: Straight to the point, the reason this program
    is SO SUCCESSFUL is because this in 50 different message boards, there
    are only TWO outcomes (1) A person's birthday will fall on the same
    half as yours YOU GET $5.00..OR (2) A person's birthday will fall on
    the other half of the timeline, therefore, YOU STAY IN YOUR POSITION
    posted in 50 other MESSAGE BOARDS, etc.

    HOW TO POST TO NEWS GROUPS? Use Netscape or Internet Explorer and try
    searching for various newsgroups (on-line forums, message boards, chat
    sites, discussions.) Log on any search engine like,, ,, etc., then search with the
    subject "millionaire message board; or; money making message board;
    or; employment message board; or making discussions; or ''money making
    forum; or; business message board; etc. You will find thousands &
    thousands of message boards. Click on them one by one and you will
    find the option 'post a new message'. Then Post this article as a 'new
    message' by highlighting the text of this letter and selecting copy
    then paste from the edit menu. Fill in the Subject, this will be the
    header that everyone sees as they scroll through the list of postings
    in a particular group, click the post message button. You're done with
    your first one! It only takes about 60 seconds to complete postings on
    message boards after you catch on. REMEMBER, THE MORE NEWSGROUPS YOU

    So there it is. You now have the knowledge that will enable you to
    make over $10,000 within the next few weeks. The only thing that can
    hold you back now is a lack of faith or a lack of self-belief.
    However, any doubts you may currently have will disappear within a few
    days of putting this plan into practice. Trust me on this! You
    certainly won't regret it.
    Best Regards,

    P.S. Does this sound too good? Well maybe to some skeptics it is. But
    it actually works, and is worth the 30 minutes of your time now. So,
    just make a nice cup of tea and get started on it now. After all, you
    can't lose, and you stand to gain more in the next few weeks than many
    people earn in a year!
    money makers, Jul 14, 2007
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  2. money makers

    Mike Easter Guest

    This spam/scam is in violation of the following terms of service and

    RoadRunner: your connectivity provider: = - a Cinncinnati OH area residential
    cable modem user in violation of the RR terms of service seen here: Newsgroup Terms of
    Service Violations - contact .

    Your RR connectivity provider will also be able to provide law
    enforcement, ie the postal inspectors office, with your meatspace
    persona account information, home address, etc.

    yahoo: your email address login for google groups and for your contact
    email What is
    Yahoo's spam and abuse policy? -

    google: your googlegroups account is in violation of its terms of
    service at
    Appropriate Conduct - contact

    paypal: your paypal payoff scam is in violation of paypal's terms -
    PayPal User Agreement - Restricted activities
    and Acceptable Use Policy
    contact form and email

    When the paypal payoff system handles the money for your paypal account,
    it will mail you the funds by USPS mail, which is in violation of the
    USPS Postal Inspectors laws Mail Fraud -
    Regardless of what technology is used to advance the scheme, if the mail
    is used at any step along the way, it is still illegal.
    Mike Easter, Jul 14, 2007
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  3. money makers

    Tester Guest

    Er um it's a Paypal chain letter. USPIS.GOV ain't interested because
    the mails weren't used.

    Of course, Paypal has an AUP against these things (I forwarded it to
    abuse at paypal) and Ohio, like just about every country and every
    other U.S. and Australian state has a law banning the promotion of a
    pyramid scam.
    Definition of pyramid scam under Ohio law
    It ain't legal
    Even worse, it violates the laws of the god of arithmetic - which is
    pretty bad for a money scheme.
    Tester, Jul 15, 2007
  4. money makers

    Mike Easter Guest

    Paypal uses the mail to send the check.

    <from my previous post>

    When the paypal payoff system handles the money for your paypal account,
    it will mail you the funds by USPS mail, which is in violation of the
    USPS Postal Inspectors laws Mail Fraud -
    Regardless of what technology is used to advance the scheme, if the mail
    is used at any step along the way, it is still illegal.
    Mike Easter, Jul 15, 2007
  5. I suppose it could happen that way, but normally if you have a confirmed
    Paypal account, they simply transfer the money into your bank account.
    And which if I may add, they can be awfully capricious about taking
    money out of your account as well. Happened to me.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Jul 15, 2007
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