Lumix FZ5: CAD$769 Vs. US$499?!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by domtam, May 14, 2005.

  1. domtam

    domtam Guest

    I have always this question in mind. Why does the digital camera cost
    so much more in Canada than that in US?

    Example #1: Pansonic Lumix FZ5
    According to the Panasonic Canada web site, its MSRP is CAD$769.
    However, it is only US$499 in Panasonic US web site. As of today, the
    currency exchange is about 1.26. In other words, if I buy this camera
    from Panasonic US web site, it will be only CAD$628. That's more than
    CAD$140 difference!

    The street price difference may be more significant. Let me compare the
    price in large chain store. A few weeks ago, the price of FZ5 at
    Circuit City in US was about US$425 (with web-only mail-in rebate) if I
    remember correctly. However, London Drugs in Canada is selling it at
    CAD$699 or so. The difference is over CAD$160.

    Example #2: Canon Powershot S2
    I thought it was specific to the pricing strategy of Panasonic Canada.
    Finally, Canon announced Powershot S2, which is a very close
    competitor to FZ5. (I like its VGA-quality 30fps movie mode, but it
    still doesn't offer hot shoe, too bad)

    When available, Canaon Powershot S2 expected street price, according to
    Canon USA, will be about US$499 (i.e. around CAD$628). I don't know
    its MSRP though. According to Canon Canada press release, its MSRP will
    be CAD$875!!

    I live in Canada. If not necessary, I don't want to buy the camera
    from US mainly because of the possible exchange / refund / warranty
    issue. (I got a confirmation from Panasonic Canada. They don't honour
    the US warranty). Do you know where in Canada (preferrably BC) I can
    buy the above cameras at a "more reasonable" price?

    domtam, May 14, 2005
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