Low shutter lag P&S?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by stacey, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. stacey

    stacey Guest

    My brother in law was asking me for advice on a lower end digicam. They want
    it for printing small prints at home (probably 5X7 max) and I'm sure they
    aren't going to like a mega-lag camera. I have a nikon 2100 I use for
    ebay/work and for my use it's not awful but it's not what I would call fast
    shooter either. Any hints on a ~2.0MP camera that isn't bad on lag or is my
    nikon about normal for a digicam?

    I am curious why it takes so long to lock AF. I've used an olympus 35mm
    stylus (with the 35mm f2.8) and it AF's really fast. What's different that
    causes this lag in AF?
    stacey, Dec 18, 2003
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  2. stacey

    R2D2 Guest

    2 MP will not give you 300 PPI at 4X6, let alone at 5X7.
    R2D2, Dec 18, 2003
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  3. stacey

    stacey Guest

    Sorry but 2MP is the limit of their budget. For family snaps it should be
    good enough for their uses? Maybe I should just convince them that at this
    price point digital is a waste of money and will have too much lag?
    stacey, Dec 18, 2003
  4. stacey

    R2D2 Guest

    Tell them to pick up a nice Olympus Stylus Epic, or if they need a zoom
    they can get the Canon Sure Shot 90U (28-90 zoom). Both of these 35mm
    cameras will cost about $80 bucks and take better pics than any digital
    camera under $300. With the extra money they can buy some 400 or 800 speed
    film (Fuji Superia or Kodak Supra, stay away from Kodak Max) and some
    prepaid Kodak processing mailers from Adorama or B&H. I own both of these
    cameras and I have blown up to 8X10 with no grain.
    R2D2, Dec 18, 2003
  5. stacey

    Ken Weitzel Guest


    If it helps at all, I'd be happy to send you some pics
    at 640 x 480 (whatever that is, maybe .3 meg>) as well as
    some at each of the other resolutions up to and including
    2 meg. Then email them to you.

    That way you and/or your brother in law could test print
    them, see and exactly what you get and how happy you'd
    be with them.

    I'll take pics of whatever you like - landscape, (winter
    and snow here now), indoor portrait type, wide angle
    indoor. Let me know.

    Take care.


    kweitzel at show.ca
    Ken Weitzel, Dec 18, 2003
  6. stacey

    stacey Guest

    That's kinda what I figured. I've used the 35mm f2.8 olympus and they are
    great. You know everyone wants "digital" but maybe I can talk them out of
    it? Have you used the 90U yourself you say? How is the AF speed and picture
    quality compared to the olypus? Is this canon better than the 35-80 stylus
    zoom? TIA and I hope I can convince them at this price they'd be better off
    with film.
    stacey, Dec 18, 2003
  7. stacey

    R2D2 Guest

    I love the 90U. I find the images to be just as good as the 28mm Stylus
    Epic when blown up to 8X10. It has plenty of scene modes. The U series Sure
    Shots come in different zoom ranges, but anything over 90 is blurry
    handheld due to camera shake and slow aperture. But the 90U does great
    outdoors with 100 or 200 ISO, indoors from 200-800 (400 and higher to be


    R2D2, Dec 18, 2003
  8. stacey

    R2D2 Guest

    Stacey is also concerned about shutter lag. The 90U Sure Shot has a real-
    time shooting mode (instant shots with zero lag).
    R2D2, Dec 18, 2003
  9. stacey

    stacey Guest

    Thanx for the offer. I have a Nikon 2100 2MP camera (for ebay use) and have
    done some small prints and they look OK for what they are. They might find
    2MP OK for their use quality wise but shutter lag is a problem. They are
    shooting kids indoors/some action stuff and I know my 2100 would be awful
    at that. They don't want to go much over $150-$200 so that rules out most
    "good" digicams. The only camera I saw in that range with an AF asist light
    is the canon A60. I'm not sure I can talk them out of digital and while I
    think they would accept the output from a 2MP camera, the lag is a problem.
    Maybe I'll post a question about the A60 and see what people think about
    the lag on it?
    stacey, Dec 18, 2003
  10. stacey

    Dave Oddie Guest

    I think some of the Fuji cameras are supposed to be fast.

    The Sony V1 is as well but that is way OTT for what you want at 5mp.

    Have a look at the www.imaging-resource.com web site. The reviews section is
    divided up into groups based on how many mega pixels the cameras have. This
    site publishes timings for the cameras including the time taken to go the whole
    way from the initial shutter press to full AF and image capture (as opposed to
    pre-focusing with a half press which is what most recommend as a way around the
    problem of shutter lag).

    IMO it is the one of the worst problems in the digi-cam world. Some friends
    have a 3mp Konica and complain about the shutter lag and I reckon it is
    spoiling their enjoyment of the camera. It is about a second and I am sure it
    seems like an eternity to them as they try and take photos of the kids.

    Dave Oddie, Dec 18, 2003
  11. stacey

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Actually, the only time lag is really a pain is getting action shots,
    and photographing children in candid situations. One approach is to get
    one of the really cheap fixed focus cameras, or to learn to focus on
    something within the range, and hold the button down halfway so the
    camera is ready to shoot, frame the shot, then push it the rest of the
    way down. This works for most cameras and will reduce the time it takes
    the camera to focus and set the shutter speed/lens opening.
    Ron Hunter, Dec 18, 2003
  12. stacey

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Yes, and then you have, after a wait of days, or even weeks to finish a
    roll, pictures of an event long past, and into the shoe box they go,
    never to be seen again. Or, with a digital, they can be on the internet
    for all the friends and relatives to enjoy whenever they have the time
    minutes after they event.
    Ron Hunter, Dec 18, 2003
  13. stacey

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Better off, how? See previous post. The choice of film vs digital
    depends entirely on how one plans to use the camera, and the pictures
    captured with it.

    Do you know where the pictures you shot on vacation in 2001 are? Can
    you show them to your sister in Germany, your old high school friend in
    Michigan? Can the grand parents see the pictures five minutes after
    they were taken, even across oceans? Doing that with film just isn't
    feasible. Both types of media have their advantages, but for MY
    pictures, digital is the ONLY choice. If I never take another film
    picture, it will be one day too soon.
    Ron Hunter, Dec 18, 2003
  14. stacey

    Androo Guest

    Ricoh claim virtually no shutter lag (with or without focus lock) for their
    fairly low-end P&S digital cameras.

    Sony, Casio etc do fixed focal length cameras and fixed-focus cameras which
    offer little or no shutter lag. A compromise perhaps, but if lag is the main
    issue, it might be worth it.

    Androo, Dec 18, 2003
  15. stacey

    stacey Guest

    Ron Hunter wrote:

    You got me there, can't imagine why I'd need to..

    I do use digital for some thing and they are handy, can't image being forced
    to live with a 2MP camera.
    stacey, Dec 19, 2003
  16. stacey

    stacey Guest

    Ron Hunter wrote:

    Which is what they will be using it for.
    stacey, Dec 19, 2003
  17. stacey

    Ron Hunter Guest

    And some probably feel the same about not having a medium format film
    camera. Good enough is good enough. I don't drive a Rolls Royce either.
    Ron Hunter, Dec 19, 2003
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