Low self discharge NiMh cells at Walmart

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Daniel Prince, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. A few weeks ago I had seen the Kodak Low self discharge NiMh cells
    at Walmart for $7.9x for a package of four. Yesterday I went there
    to get some AA cells and they were around $9.50 per package. I went
    down the aisle to look at Rayovac Hybrids and all they had was one
    package of AAA cells. When I went back to look at the Kodak cells
    again, they were gone. Store employees had taken them down.

    After I got home, I looked on the Walmart web page and all I found
    were Kodak cells with a charger which was listed as out of stock on
    the web page. (There was a button I could click to search local
    stores for it.)

    Is there another chain store that has Low self discharge NiMh cells
    for a good price? http://thomasdistributing.com has the Kodak Low
    self discharge NiMh cells at $7.97 for a package of four. Does any
    other Internet order place have them or another brand for a better

    Thank you in advance for all replies.
    Daniel Prince, Oct 23, 2007
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  2. Daniel Prince

    John Navas Guest

    Thomas Distributing is about as good as it gets on the Internet.
    Another good option: <http://www.batteryjunction.com/hybrio.html>
    John Navas, Oct 23, 2007
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  3. Daniel Prince

    JohnR66 Guest

    If there is a Target near you, I think they carry the "Hybrid" brand.
    Kind of sounds like you don't want to spend $10 bucks on them?
    Don't be cheap over $2. I don't know the quality of the Kodaks, but the
    RayoVac ones have been great for me. I have 20 some cells in use since
    starting last Jan. Some running on the original factory charge.
    JohnR66, Oct 23, 2007
  4. I found Eneloop batteries at Costco, but I don't see them in
    their online store.
    Michael Benveniste, Oct 23, 2007
  5. Thomas T. Veldhouse, Oct 23, 2007
  6. Daniel Prince

    SMS Guest

    Amazon has the Sanyo eneloop at 4 for 9.43 ("http://tinyurl.com/22qosv")
    with free shipping at $25 or more. Thomas Distributing has them at 4 for
    $9.97, but you have to pay shipping. When Amazon has the same product
    at Thomas it's almost always cheaper at Amazon, with the added advantage
    of free shipping for orders over $25.

    Personally I wouldn't be skimping on non-Eneloop cells, and I also
    wouldn't be driving around trying to save a couple of bucks when gas is

    Costco has a good deal on the kit, though only if you actually have a
    need for all the items:

    * Eight AA eneloop batteries
    * Four AAA eneloop batteries
    * Charger
    * Two C adapters: $4.25
    * Two D adapters: $4.25

    It's about $26. It was $26.49, but I think it came down in price a bit.

    Personally I'm able to use all the pieces, as I have a lot of remote
    controls that take AAA batteries. I've bought three of these kits so far.
    SMS, Oct 23, 2007
  7. Daniel Prince

    SMS Guest

    Ironically, it's cheaper to buy two four packs, see
    "http://tinyurl.com/22qosv". Even though it's sold by a third party, it
    still qualifies for free shipping for some reason.
    SMS, Oct 23, 2007
  8. Daniel Prince

    ray Guest

    FWIW - I doubt very much that Kodak MAKES them.
    ray, Oct 23, 2007
  9. Daniel Prince

    Allen Guest

    I w`as in a WalMart this afternoon and they had plenty RayOVac
    hybrids--didn't pay attention to the price, as I have a sufficiency
    right now. They also had packs of four that included a charger. I saw no
    Kodaks, but that particular store never has carried them AFAIK.
    Incidentally, neither the WalMart nor Target web site merchandise is a
    perfect match for store inventories.
    Allen, Oct 24, 2007
  10. Daniel Prince

    Ron Hunter Guest

    You can get the Eneloop batteries from Amazon.com.
    Ron Hunter, Oct 24, 2007
  11. Daniel Prince

    Dave Cohen Guest

    Looking at a Walmart store is pretty meaningless. A given store will
    fluctuate in what they carry and there will be variations from store to
    I've had a set of Eneloops for a year, only charged them once last
    November. Got 653 shots out of the box and currently running just over 300
    and counting.
    I have a set of Hybrid AAA which seem ok but I haven't had them long
    enough to know for sure. Use in my single cell mp3 player.
    Got a set of Kodak AA a month or so ago using in portable cd player,
    insufficient experience to comment. Best retail source for AA Eneloop
    seems to be Ritz at $12.
    Dave Cohen
    Dave Cohen, Oct 25, 2007
  12. Daniel Prince

    John Navas Guest

    Only if you're willing to buy from Amazon, which I'm not (due to privacy
    John Navas, Oct 29, 2007
  13. Daniel Prince

    Bill Tuthill Guest

    Just out of curiosity, how is Amazon worse than Google for privacy,
    or do you not use Google either?
    Bill Tuthill, Oct 29, 2007
  14. Daniel Prince

    John Navas Guest

    I personally consider Amazon's written policy and actions much worse
    than Google. YMMV.
    John Navas, Oct 31, 2007
  15. Daniel Prince

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I have been dealing with Amazon for some years with no bad experiences.
    The only problem has been receiving an older version of one software
    package than was advertised, and they adjusted the price on that one
    when I complained. What privacy issues have you seen?

    Nothing seems completely private these days, so doing business with a
    credit card that is protected for online use is always a good idea.
    Ron Hunter, Oct 31, 2007
  16. Daniel Prince

    George Kerby Guest

    Navas is a fool. Plain and simple.
    George Kerby, Oct 31, 2007
  17. Daniel Prince

    John Navas Guest

    Have you taken the time to actually read the privacy policy, carefully?
    Did you even take the time to Google "Amazon privacy"?
    Sure, but that's not sufficient for ignoring all other privacy issues.
    John Navas, Oct 31, 2007
  18. Daniel Prince

    John Navas Guest

    Childish name calling only serves to make you look foolish.
    John Navas, Oct 31, 2007
  19. Daniel Prince

    Allen Guest

    I don't know who you are, as you are very new here, but I pegged Kerby
    as a proper resident of my killfile long ago. I suggest you do the same.
    And welcome to the ng.
    Allen, Oct 31, 2007
  20. Daniel Prince

    John Navas Guest

    Nope, as you could have seen with a quick Google Groups check.
    I personally don't have much need for killfiling.
    John Navas, Oct 31, 2007
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