Lotto Magic: Winning the Lottery WITHOUT Winning!?!?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by lottomagicp0615, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. 67 Year Old Alice P. Earns $100,000 and Counting Through Lotto Magic

    67-year-old Alice P. from Ohio has currently earned over $100,000
    through our home business over a 2 year period. She now consistently
    earns $4,000-$5,000 per month and thats without using the internet!
    But what is great about our home business is that there are a lot of
    members doing as well as or better than Alice P. in ages ranging from
    18-88. These are the actual amounts of paychecks received by 67-year-
    old Alice P. She is a real person, this information is verifiable!
    Alice and other people who are doing really well make copies of their
    checks and mail them out and also let their downlines mail them out.
    Notice that her first few checks were small, this is why people make
    the mistake of quitting Lotto Magic too soon. Alice joined Lotto Magic
    in April 2005.

    Here are her earnings from 2007-08:

    January 2007: $1, 866.60

    February 2007: $1,787.50

    March 2007: $2,239.55

    April 2007: $2,414.40

    May 2007: $2,283.95

    June 2007: $2,464.75

    July 2007: $2,895.90

    August 2007: $3,289.40

    September 2007: $4,011.70

    October 2007: $4, 480.70

    November 2007: $4,473.30

    December 2007: $5,492.40


    January 2008: $4,339.65

    February 2008: $4,399.85

    Alice's income just for the 12 months of 2006 was $37,700.15...and

    over $35,000 in the first 8 months of 2007, that would approximately

    be more than $53,000 for the entire year of 2007. She has earned in

    the ballpark of $100,000 in just 2 and a half years from Lotto Magic,

    working part-time from home, while sitting in her easy chair!!

    Now if you were thinking that Lotto Magic was just a little business

    to do in your spare IS! It's a little business that can

    bring you a yearly income that rivals all the people who go to their

    real jobs everyday!

    All members get a site like this:

    You'll notice that Alice earned over $1,000 in her 6th month's check,

    $2,000 by her 12th month's check, and $4,000 by her 18th month's

    check. Many members of Lotto Magic are experiencing this level of

    income within this time frame.

    She didn't use the internet, she only advertised by mail. Imagine

    what YOU can do WITH internet advertising, and mail if you wanted to

    do both! Why haven't YOU joined yet? Obviously our internet

    friends here are very eager to join Lotto Magic.
    lottomagicp0615, Mar 21, 2008
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