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Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by karthikbg, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. karthikbg

    karthikbg Guest

    I have a BTS connected to Internet(backhaul) on one side and Wireless
    Modem(in PC) on the other side which accesses websites via that BTS.

    When trying to access websites via the modem from PC, i find it to be
    slow. I analysed the data flow using the Protocol analyser
    So, I ran Ethereal in my PC(modem side) and Ethereal at the place
    where my BTS is connected to the internet(backhaul).

    I find that SYN request is getting fired from the wireless modem to
    BTS and later to the corresponding website.
    I am able to find this in the Ethereal running on the modem side .

    I find that SYN-ACK is being fired back from the website to BTS via
    the Ethreal running at that place.
    But, that SYN-ACK does not reach the modem from BTS. Here is the SYN-
    ACK loss problem :( :( :(
    Because of this, after 3 seconds, SYN is being sent once again by the
    Modem to the corresponding website via BTS and the whole cycle of
    above process gets repeated until the SYN-ACK is received and the
    connection gets established.

    If that SYN-ACK loss is avoided, that 3 seconds delay can be avoided
    and this will quicken whole process.
    The situation is very bad when there is Multiple SYN-ACK losses at
    frequent intervals.

    How to avoid that SYN-ACK loss ? What could be the possible reasons
    for this SYN-ACK loss scenario here ?
    Kindly provide me some ideas/solutions for this.

    Thx in advans,
    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbg, Feb 19, 2007
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  2. karthikbg

    Chris H. Guest

    You may want to post your information to the
    microsoft.public.windowsxp.network_web newsgroup. This newsgroup is for
    support of Microsoft's Broadband Networking brand hardware and software
    Chris H., Feb 19, 2007
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