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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by mel, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. mel

    mel Guest

    I'm using a Dell 8400 w/Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 2 - with all
    current updates)

    Problem: My comp can't find my drive(s)

    A few days back I bought some memory for my comp. The clerk in the
    store read the original packing slip from 3-4 years back on which it
    stated which type of memory my comp had. When I put in the memory he
    sold me, the comp went weird and came up with the blue screen of death.
    (I was grounded to the comp's metal chassis. so I doubt if the chips had
    gotten zapped. )

    After I took the memory out, I saw that my comp was no longer finding my
    2 outboard drives - E: and F:. Not knowing at the time about the MY
    COMPUTER | MANAGE bit, I mistakenly went into the F2 comp setup and
    changed something in there which referred to drives being on or off. I
    now have each drive showing "on."

    After I found out about the MY COMPUTER | DISK MANAGEMENT method of
    rescanning the drives, I did get my outboard E: and F: drives back.
    However, when I turned my comp on today, I find the F: drive is missing
    again, and it is not showing up as it previously had yesterday in DISK
    MANAGEMENT. (Heck, even my virtual BestCrypt drives show up if I mount
    them. They are on the E: drive.)

    The drives shown in the F2 setup are:

    Diskette Drive A:
    SATA 0 (C: drive)
    SATA 1 (Unknown)
    SATA 2 (Unknown)
    SATA 3 (Unknown)
    PATA 0 (CD ROM)

    To say again:
    I have one internal HD, which is my C: drive
    I have two outboard hard drives, which are my E: & F: drives
    I have a single CD drive
    I have a single floppy A: drive

    The F: drive, which is the one I am not seeing today, is good. It is a
    Seagate which I hooked up (USB) to my wife's comp and it showed all my

    It also takes my comp almost a minute to reboot. During that time I see
    only a blank screen.

    I hope someone can solve this, because the comp repair guys in my area
    are not too swift. I learned that the hard way - and the expensive way.
    mel, Sep 21, 2007
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  2. mel

    carl Guest

    I did leave out one teeny bit of info -

    When I boot the comp, it does not boot into Windows. It goes to a black
    and white screen showing the following:

    Drive 1 Not found
    Drive 2 Not found
    Drive 3 Not found
    Drive 5 Not found

    Use F1 to Continue or F2 to enter Setup

    (I have no idea what happened to Drive 4.)
    carl, Sep 21, 2007
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  3. mel

    mel Guest

    On Fri, 21 Sep 2007 17:14:06 -0500, wrote:

    Sorry, I used the wrong munged name (Carl) on the last post. It's still
    Mel. : o)
    mel, Sep 21, 2007
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