Looks like there is no reason now for me NOT to switch to XP x64 for my main computer now

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Wayne Wastier, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. The final 3 obstacles have been overcome.
    1. Sound drivers for my X-Fi card
    2. Drivers for my WebCam
    3. Drivers for my Printer

    I have a fully capable system in which to work in XP x64. Yeeeeeeeee
    Haaaaaaaaw. :)

    Wayne Wastier, Nov 16, 2005
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  2. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Nov 16, 2005
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  3. Thank you Andre. I am using XP x64 to write this with too. :)

    Wayne Wastier, Nov 16, 2005
  4. Wayne Wastier

    John Barnes Guest

    And your spelling passed spell check :)

    John Barnes, Nov 16, 2005
  5. Although I have done everything in 64 bit in the past two weeks, I'm keeping
    XP Pro active since I paid for it and used it for about 2 days before I
    installed 64bit. Maybe I can activate it on another new build, because I
    certainly don't intend on using it if I don't have to....
    Dennis Gordon, Nov 17, 2005
  6. There's the ticket. Welcome to the fold. :)
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Nov 17, 2005
  7. If it's the retail version. And you remove it from the current machine, you
    should be able to move it to another machine. If it's OEM, though, it's tied
    to the hardware.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Nov 17, 2005
  8. ROFLOL. Yes, I can even spell works like antidisestablishmentarians, and
    not look stupid. LOL

    Wayne Wastier, Nov 17, 2005
  9. Well it's OEM, but I never thought I'd be moving so quickly to 64 bit.
    Actually it's not a bad thing to keep the dual boot since it's sort of the
    ultimate safe mode, in case I bollix things up in 64 bit. I can't afford
    much down time on this machine... I've also got 4 more fresh XP Pro disks
    for future builds anyways (man I love that company credit card...;-)
    Dennis Gordon, Nov 17, 2005
  10. Sigh. I get to pay for my own. OTOH, this machine(the Ferrari) is running
    the Acer OEM copy that came with it on the C: partition, and the beta
    payback freebie of x64 Edition on D:, so I can't really complain. :)
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Nov 17, 2005
  11. Wayne Wastier

    John Barnes Guest

    Spell check corrects spelling not words. did you perhaps mean words instead
    of works ;-)
    John Barnes, Nov 17, 2005
  12. Yes. :)
    Wayne Wastier, Nov 17, 2005
  13. Wayne Wastier

    Soma11 Guest

    Yes, and the helpers here at this board are part of the good fun - Da Costa,
    Russel, Barnes & others give good advice. Not me, I'm just a newbie.
    Soma11, Nov 18, 2005
  14. Wayne Wastier

    Guest Guest

    Glad to hear it. I'm snagging an X-Fi tonight to get away from the crap
    drivers for my A2ZS. (No, it's not good to reward Creative's failure to turn
    out good drivers, but hey, I wanted the card anyway.)

    Enjoy your new OS.
    Guest, Nov 18, 2005
  15. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Nov 19, 2005
  16. Wayne Wastier

    Guest Guest

    Would I be out of line to ask where you found the drivers, Wayne, or anybody?
    Guest, Nov 30, 2005
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