Looking to trade DVD HBO america undercover documentaries

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  1. If you have anything to trade, Email me , put
    'HBO documentary' in the subject line so I know what it's about. I will
    trade or you can buy from me directly, I have perfect ebay and paypal
    feedback, over 250 positive transactions and trades. If you wish to
    trade, I am trying to find the following docs:
    "The Execution Of Wanda Jean,"
    "A Boy's Life"
    "Just Melvin: Just Evil,"
    "Sleepy Hollow,"
    "Paradise Lost: Child Murders at Robin Hood Hill"- (Part 1 and 2)
    and "Thug Life In DC." Here is my list of what I have:

    High on Crack Street: lost Lives In Lowell
    Once a thriving manufacturing center, Lowell Massachusetts provides
    case study in the aftermath of the factories closing down. It follows
    three longtime residents, Boo, Brenda, and Dickie, all of whom are
    hooked on crack. They move in and out of rehabs, crack houses, and
    jails, hopeless and lost. Great moments of true realistic drama.
    "Cinema verité" of superb quality. No guidance, no judgment, just
    direct observation. Its like a fly on the scene! Great documentary,
    very rare and hard to find. $25.00
    Small Town Ecstasy: Runs about 1 and 1/2 hours long, focuses on a
    family who's Dad is hooked on Ecstasy. He even gives it to his 13 year
    old kid to use, and condones his other teenage children's using the
    drug openly in front of him. In one scene he gives his 13 year old son
    money to buy Ecstasy! Divorced from his wife, he engages in somewhat of
    a Shows people at raves using X, smoking pot, and other drugs.
    Gripping. $25.00
    The Agony Of Ecstacy:
    Examines the effects of the drugs, how it is manufactured, and
    distributed. Undercover video at raves is shown. Great inside look at
    this drug. $10 by itself, or $7 with purchase of "Small Town Ecstacy"
    Black Tar Heroin: The Dark Side: Ran on HBO in the 90's about black tar
    heroin and it's users. Gripping documentary about homeless street
    people who shoot heroin, a drug primarily available on the West coast
    of the US. Includes 2004 updates, and interviews. $25.00
    Junkie Junior
    Follows a man in the 80's as he lives a squalid life in the South
    Bronx. He is a full blown heroin addict at the age of 29, and looks
    astonishingly older than that. Stealing daily to support his habit, he
    is estranged from his wife and kids, but sees them on occasion. His
    wife desperately tries to hide their fathers addiction from her kids.
    In jail he gets a chance at Rehab. Does he make it? In the final scene
    we see Junior say, "If anyone offers you drugs, remember what happened
    to me." This movie was one of the first HBO undercover documentaries,
    it ran one time, and has not ran since. Filmed in 1981, it is extremely
    rare, and excellent documentary, and impossible to find. (Copy of this
    DVD and VHS is Great!) $30.00
    American Justice (1 hour long): follows several heroin & crack addicts
    through their lives. Is graphic and shows them smoking crack, and
    shooting heroin. Undercover video shows them making drug deals and
    buying drugs. Focuses mainly on 3 women, who are obviously unhappy with
    their addictions, but don't know how to stop using. Shows one girl who
    is a dancer going through rapid opiate detox, a way to get heroin out
    of your system in less than 12 hours. Also has a segment on New Jersey
    Dr. Lance Gooberman, who was in the news for the deaths of several of
    his patients. $15
    Rehab: Camp Recovery, located in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, Cal.,
    features a mix of new and long-term addicts, most of whom stay for 30
    days (the maximum allowed by most insurance companies). REHAB
    chronicles their experiences in the center and follows them out into
    the less-supervised, far more dangerous, "real" world, riding the
    emotional tidal waves that accompany incremental progress and
    devastating relapses. The film offers a rare insider's look at the ups
    and downs of each addict's journey to stay clean. Shows heroin addicts
    going through rehab, and what their families go through. It is graphic,
    and once again shows people shooting up and getting high. Some make it
    through rehab, some don't. This is a very compelling film, powerful and
    graphic. Runs about 1 and 1/2 hours long. $20.00
    Dope sick Love: Follows 2 homeless couples living on the streets of New
    York. Runs over an hour long, and shows them smoking crack, shooting
    crystal meth, and shooting heroin. They fight, they hustle for money,
    they run scams that are brilliant to get cash, then blow it all on
    drug- lots of drugs. They get into physical fights in the middle of
    crowded streets as they live a day-to-day bare bones existence on the
    streets of New York. It has some graphic sexuality, as the men
    prostitute themselves to other men for sex- and it does show oral sex
    actually being done, so it may need to be edited if shown in a
    classroom or to a younger teen. $25
    Crank Made In The USA: . Shows meth (AKA) crank and speed use. Runs one
    hour long and is graphic. Shows users shooting up, snorting, etc.. Is
    graphic and follows several "crank heads" over a year or so. Shows the
    effects of methamphetimines on the body and mind, and what law
    enforcement is doing to stop it. Great movie and superb filming. $25
    Life of Crime 1 (One Year in a life of Crime)
    This is the 1989 prequel to Life of Crime 2. It follows Freddie and Rob
    from Life of crime 2, but it was filmed in 1989, when they were
    professional shoplifters. Follows them shop lifting, using drugs, and
    abusing their live in girlfriends. VERY rare movie, ran on HBO in 1989,
    and is not available anywhere. Graphic as it does show one man
    commiting domestic violence. $25
    Life Of Crime 2: This one is by the same guy that did "Dope Sick Love."
    This one is VERY rare- it was filmed in 1993, and you can't find it
    anywhere on the net. It is 2 hours long, and follows three addicts for
    several years. One is a Mom with 3 kids, and she starts shooting heroin
    and loses her kids. You see her go from an attractive women raising her
    kids (with somewhat questionable parenting), to a burnt out street
    junkie who lost her kids, is constantly shooting 'speedballs', and the
    kids checking her arms for track marks and begging their Mom to stay
    clean to get them back. The other two addicts the movie follows are
    guys who are fresh out of jail. It shows one guy (Freddie) going in for
    an aids test- and getting a positive result, then shooting heroin into
    an ulcerated leg wound (his arm veins are long gone). It shows the
    other guy (Rob) going from a 200 pound healthly-looking clean cut man
    working a job, to a 130 pound street junkie, with long hair, and aged
    face, nodding on heroin, homeless, in an empty lot full of trash. It's
    a great film, shot just like "Dope Sick Love," but longer and more
    detailed. it also runs 1 hour longer than dope sick love- 2 hours
    total. It is an outstanding movie, very rare and impossible to find.
    Shows a lot of graphic drug use. $25.00
    This is a show on family interventions for drug addicts. I have almost
    every single episode of this show, as it is the only shows that shows
    the process of interventions. Each show runs one hour long, and the
    shows active addicts using drugs, and the effects it has on thier
    families. The addicts have agreed to be in the documentary, but what
    they don't know is they will be part of an intervention at the end of
    the show. Instead of going to the "final interview", they are instead
    met with family, and asked to enter treatment. It goes in depth into
    how to stage an intervention, which very often is successful. If you,
    or someone you know has a family member on drugs, this could be
    invaulable to help. Each episode is $10, or $7 each if you buy more
    than 3. Email me for a full episode list, I have episodes on bulemia,
    meth addiction, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin users, pain
    pills, gambling, pot, alcohol, rage addicts, and even video game
    addicts. GREAT SHOW!
    Broken Child:
    This is one one of the best and one of the only documentaries I have
    seen on how drugs, poverty, and neglect affect children before and
    after they are born. Follows several children who have been damaged by
    thier parents drug abuse and neglect, some before they were even born.
    Shows one lady smoking crack at 8 months pregnant, and prostituting to
    support her habit. Also shows a boy with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and
    how it affects him at age 9 and up. Also goes into the problems of
    inter city children, often deeply affected by the violnce and murders
    going on around them. Absolutly great documentarie. $15
    Hooked: illegal drugs and how they got that way (Cocaine): Runs one
    hour long. Shows how cocaine was made, introduced into the US, the
    history of cocaine and why it was made illegal. Fascinating and
    informative look at drugs and the laws that started the "war on drugs"
    that the government had failed so miserably at. $10
    Hooked: Illegal Drugs: Opiates
    Examines the history of opiates, from the opium dens of the early
    1900's, how opiates were invented, and became illegal. Examines Heroin,
    morphine, laudinum, and opium smoking. Very interesting. $10 by itself,
    or $7 with the purchase of "Hooked: Cocaine"
    Addiction: Grey Matters
    Very clinical and inside look at how drugs affect the brain. Would be
    interesting for people in the medical field, or people wanting to learn
    exactly how substance affect brain activity. $10
    World of Abnormal Psycology:
    Examines the psycological effects of drug use on the brain. Interviews
    addicts, and explains why addiction graps such a strong grip on people.
    This is an excellent tape for counselors, teachers, and just about
    anyone who wants to understand the disease of addiction. Very good
    show. $10
    Methadone and Pregnancy: Shows a women who got off of heroin using
    methadone, and is now pregnant. Shows the effects methadone has on the
    baby, and how she handles staying clean during her pregnancy. 1/2 hour
    long. $8
    Smashed Toxic Teens and alcohol:
    This is a blunt and harsh look at the effects teenagers and alchol.
    Profiles one boy who slams into a tree on an ATV after drinking, and is
    almost brain dead on arrival at the emergency room. Follows him and his
    family throuhg his long recovery process. Interviews teen survivors of
    druk driving accidents, both drivers AND passengers, and their long
    term damage and what it has done to their families and their lives.
    This is EXCELLENT for the parent of a teenager, any teenager whether
    they drink or not. It will make almost anyone think twice before
    drinking and driving, or getting into a car with someone who has.
    Party Monster: the story of the "club kids" and Michael Alig: If you
    saw the movie "Party Monster" with MaCauley Culkin and Seth Green, you
    will like this show. It is "American Justice," and shows an in-depth
    look at Michael Alig and James St. James, and the 80's and 90's "club
    kids" that partied and did cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy all night.
    Shows drug use caught on tape. Goes into the murder of Angel Melendez
    (Michael's drug dealer), and how and why it was done. $10
    Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story
    Assembled by award-winning documentarian Jon Alpert, Latin Kings: A
    Street Gang Story is primarily a "biography" of the notorious New York
    gang's ex-leader, Antonio "King Tone" Fernandez. Under house arrest at
    the time of filming, Fernandez insists that he has experienced an
    epiphany, and that upon his release he intends to transform his gang
    into a peace-loving, community activist group. His words are contrasted
    with the violent activities of the Latin Kings during the final years
    of the 20th century, as captured on police surveillance tapes. Latin
    Kings: A Street Gang Story was originally telecast as part of HBO's
    America Undercover anthology. You get to see the gang members in
    everyday life, and "King Tone" AKA Anthony Fernandez allows Alpert into
    every crevice of his life, including how the gang works, inside
    meetings, his kids, his Mom and Dad's house, and his wife Myrna.
    Gang Wars: Banging in Little Rock" Ran on HBO in the 90's about gang
    members in Little Rock Arkansas. This film is a beautiful first hand
    look into street gangs as we know it with a unique twist. . . it's not
    inner city youth. Gangs are thought to be confined to America's inner
    cities, affecting mostly Black and Latino youth, but this opens your
    eyes to what's not publicized, which is the fact that white suburban
    youth are "gang-bangers" also. Ultimately this documentary reveals a
    lot about the underbelly of the city where our last ex-president hails
    from. A must-see if you're a fan of HBO documentaries. Actual drive by
    shootings are documented, and takes you deep inside the world of the
    "Crips", "Folks" and the "Bloods" as you have never seen it before.
    American Gangs:
    Two hour special that ran on the A&E channel. Goes into the history of
    gangs, and the forming and organization of gang life. Shows the
    evolution of the first gangs that started in New York, up until the
    gangs of today. Very interesting indepth look at gang life, and the
    inner workings of gang life. $15
    Locked-up The Prisoners of Rikers Island:
    With 20,000 inmates, Rikers Island is the worlds largest jail. Located
    just six miles from the Empire State Building, it's a city within a
    city. Each night in this jail cost New York Tax payers more than a
    night's stay at the Waldorf Astoria. It is an unflinching look at
    inside a prison, but women and men, some of the women pregnant. Touches
    on gangs inside prison, namely the Latin Kings. Powerful and hard to
    find. $25
    Lock-Up:Return to Rikers Island:
    MSNBC returns to Riker's Island in 2003 to see how the tough prison has
    re-invented itself. Due to a "re-arrest" policy, prisoner violence is
    down 90%. Yet it is the one of America's worst prisons, with violence
    and rapes happening on a daily basis. Goes inside prison gangs, such as
    Latin Kings. Runs 1 hour. $10 by itself, or only $7 with the purchase
    of "Prisoners Of Rikers"
    Xiara's Song: (by the director of Sleepy Hollow)
    Xiara Trujillo is a precocious seven-year-old who moved from the Bronx
    to Maryland with her mom, Aracelli Guzman, four years ago. Though she
    seems happy hanging out and playing with her pal Melissa, Xiara becomes
    defensive and emotional when talking about her father, Harold Linares.
    Harold is in jail serving a ten-year sentence for weapons possession;
    Xiara seems to blame his incarceration on her mother, whom she says
    "kept calling the police." Xiara, who has always been extremely close
    to her father, acts out with her mother. As we get to know Harold in
    prison, we find that he has ambitions to be a hip-hop star, and loves
    to sing rap songs whenever he talks to Xiara on the phone, or when she
    comes to see him in prison (the jail is in DC, only a few miles away).
    For her part, Xiara shares her father's love of music, and composes her
    own rap songs that she sings back at her father. $20.00
    Girls In Trouble: Juvinile
    This is a one hour special that goes behind the locked doors of
    juvinile facilites, following several girls through the system. Focus
    on girls in their early teens in the California system, some of whom
    are gang members. Very good show that takes you inside the jails, and
    shows whether the girls continue on to adult jail, or straigten up and
    go straight. $10
    The Ice Man Confesses: Confessions of Mafia Hit Man:
    This is fascinating documentary about Richard Kuklinski, who was hit
    man for the Gambino crime family. He lived a double life, one with his
    family, wife, and kids in a quiet suburban home, the other where he was
    a murderer for hire- he killed over 100 people in his career as a hit
    man. Kuklinski holds nothing back in this unflinching interview.
    Details of murders, time, places, the why and how. He tells all of his
    crimes in grim detail, and he shows little remorse. He tells the
    interviewer the stories of his murders as if he were giving her some
    normal tips on life. Often times, Kuklinski even makes jokes when he
    was asked if he ever felt remorse for killing someone. Kuklinski is in
    jail, and will never get out. With nothing to lose, he opens up to HBO
    Undercover, and tells why he killed people, and how he felt when he
    killed people. Surprisingly, Kuklinski, though cold and unemotional,
    comes across as very normal, and almost likable at times, a duality so
    rarely seen in killers. Truly one of the great documentaries ever made
    about a murderer. $20.00
    Aileen Wournos: The Selling Of A Serial Killer:
    This is a documentary about a women and her lawyer who "adopt" the
    adult Aileen Wournos, America's first femal serial killer. Originally
    claiming they wanted to help her, in this indepth movie, thier motives
    are somewhat questionable as they wish to get paid for access to the
    killer. The fimaker goes into Aileen's killings, evidence, the deal the
    police made for money for the rights to the movie, and more. He
    interviews people close to her, and gets to the real motives of the
    cops, and the people who wish to "help" her. Includes actual news
    footage of the hunt for the killer, and finally an interview with
    Aileen herslef. This is made by Nick Broomfield, the same man who did
    Aileens final interview, and made the movie "The Life and Death Of a
    Serial Killer" and "Kurt and Courtney" $15.00
    Aileen Wournos: Biography
    a one hour special on the serial killers life and death. Never before
    seen photos of Aileen, and her ex-lover Tyrea Moore. Interviews with
    Tyrea, her best friend, and he lawyers. Very intersting, with
    information not on any other special I have seen on her. $10 by itself,
    or $7 with the purchase of "Selling of a Serial Killer"
    LaLee's Kin:
    A gripping documentary about life in the South, and the legacy of the
    great-great grandchildren of slaves. They are uneducated, and living in
    extreme poverty. No running water, and struggling to raise children in
    grim and harsh conditions. Focuses on LaLee, an elderly women
    struggling against extreme poverty to hold her family together, while
    raising 5 of her grandchildren. Unable to even afford pencils for them
    to go to school, she still finds the strength to carry on. Her 5
    grandchildren are struggling to be educated, not even knowing what a
    "Nintendo" is. Gripping documentary. Rare and impossible to find.
    Hoop Dreams:
    This documentary follows two inner-city Chicago residents, Arthur Agee
    and William Gates, as they follow their dreams of becoming basketball
    superstars. Beginning at the start of their high school years, and
    ending almost 5 years later, as they start college, we watch the boys
    mature into men, still retaining their "Hoop Dreams". Both are
    recruited into the same elite high school as their idol, former Detroit
    Piston superstar Isaiah Thomas. Only one survives the first year; the
    other must return to a high school closer to his home. Along the way,
    there is much tradegy, some joy, a great wealth of information about
    inner city life, and the suspense of not knowing what will occur next.
    This is not a "by-the-numbers" film. $15.00
    Living Dolls: The Making of Child Beauty Queen:
    This poignant documentary follows the fortunes and adventures of a
    five-year-old aspiring beauty queen in a world where pancake makeup,
    catwalk routines and ambitious stage parents are par for the course.
    Propelled by her mother, who guides her with military precision, Swan
    Brooner is determined to reach the top. Filming over the course of 2
    years, the director takes viewers from Swan's early rehearsals to a
    winning streak at the state pageant level to her toughest
    competition-for a national crown. This documentary is terrific
    because it is invisible -- it simply allows the pageant world to speak
    for itself. There are no comments by the filmmakers, who limit their
    involvement to a series of titles every so often that just establishes
    the setting or provide a fact. They do a pretty amazing job of piecing
    together what feels like a neutral "just the facts, ma'am" film
    allowing the viewer to draw his or her own conclusion on child beauty
    Pageant. $25.00
    Dwarfs: Not a Fairy Tale:This film is a documentation of people who
    want the world to see their courage in dealing with short stature;
    through this documentary, these individuals prove that they can rise
    above the derogatory term "midget". We see them having fun, getting
    married, and pursue any career of choice. As an averaged size person,
    you begin to realize, there is no "norm" and a shorter person is just
    as able to handle every day activities. This film is great, and asserts
    that with a few alterations and adjustments, the spirit of a human
    being is indomitable, and one can achieve anything he desires, despite
    his or her height. $20.00
    Twist Of Faith: This Oscar-nominated and Sundance-selected feature
    documentary tells the deeply personal story of a man who confronts the
    trauma of past sexual abuse by a local priest. When we first meet Tony,
    he seems to have it all: great job, pretty wife named Wendy, two
    adorable kids, and a beautiful new house. But Tony is just beginning to
    come to grips with a past he's buried for twenty years, and is no
    longer able to contain. The constant barrage of news related to sexual
    abuse, coupled with a disturbing discovery in his personal life, causes
    Tony to confront his demons. $25.00
    E! True Hollywood Storys:
    ~~~~The Wonderland Murders and John Holmes:
    This is a very rare E True Hollywood Story, runs 2 hours longs, and is
    facinating. Goes in depth into the murders of the Wonderland crew, and
    the life of JOhn HOlmes. This is NOT on the DVD movie "Wonderland" with
    Val Kilmer, this was made before the making of the "Wonderland" movie,
    and has a wealth of information about the murders and people involved.
    Actual footage of John Holmes, Bob Chinn, Eddie Nash and his bodyguard,
    and many more. Has very rare pictures of the real Joy Miller (including
    ones with her kids), real photos of the wonderland victims, and footage
    of the real David Lind. Has TONS of photos of John Holmes, including
    childhood photos, early photos of him and his wife. If you are a
    Wonderland, John Holmes, or Adult Movie fan, this is a must have
    special, rare and tons of information. $20.00
    ~~~~~~The Poltergeist Curse:
    Examines the mishaps and mysterious circumstances that plagued the
    shoot of this Steven Spielberg movie. Interviews with the actors, and
    the filmaker, who admits the movie was plagued with mysterious
    hapenstances. Also examines the death of Dominic Dunne. $10
    ~~~~~~Nicole and Lionel Ritchie:
    Goes into the famous life of Lionel Ritchie and his daughter Nicole.
    Goes into her childhood, and how she came to be adopted by Lionel and
    his wife. Touches on her drug problems, her parents divorce, and her
    show with Paris Hilton. $10
    ~~~~~~The Curse of the Exorcist :
    Examines the mishaps and mysterious circumstances that plagued the
    shoot of this creepy movie. Interviews with the actors, and the
    filmakers, who often when to extreme lenghts to get his movie shots,
    including hurting the actors at times. If you're a fan of the movie,
    this is a great inside look at it. $10
    Email me , put HBO documentary in the subject
    line so I know what it's about. Thank you so much. :)
    Michelangelo098, Jul 29, 2005
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  2. Michelangelo098


    Oct 15, 2006
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    Black Tar Heroin: The Dark Side of The Street

    I am looking for someone who has the DVD or video of HBO America Undercover Documentary called Black Tar Heroin: The Dark Side of The Street.
    chrystal, Oct 15, 2006
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  3. Michelangelo098


    Nov 8, 2006
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    wanting to buy several documentaries


    I am from England and i am wanting to but the titles below:

    High on Crack Street
    Black Tar Heroin
    The Farm
    Junkie Junior
    American Justice
    Life of Crime 2
    Crank Made in USA

    I f anyone out there can help me pls get in touch by email

    Thank you
    annabell, Nov 8, 2006
  4. Michelangelo098


    Nov 8, 2006
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    sorry my email is
    annabell, Nov 8, 2006
  5. Michelangelo098


    Nov 19, 2006
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    i have both paradise lost 1 and 2 and would be willing to trade for high on crack street and gangbanging in little rock.
    Tbonez82, Nov 20, 2006
  6. Michelangelo098


    Jan 2, 2008
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    I can't find this anywhere!! Bellevue:Inside Out

    I don't have any videos to trade, but I am willing to buy Bellevue. Anyone have a decent copy?? I am a psych nurse and use it to train staff. Someone has taken my copy from the office. It wasn't a great copy anyway, but I really miss it!!
    DashaSalem, Jan 2, 2008
  7. Michelangelo098


    Jun 27, 2008
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    did you ever get ahold of this movie?
    educatedguess, Jun 27, 2008
  8. Michelangelo098


    Jan 9, 2009
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    Hello everyone.

    I too am a huge documentary collector and am hoping a few of the above users are still on this board.


    I will post my collection list very soon, its pretty massive! mostly counter-culture type stuff.
    reckedchords, Jan 9, 2009
  9. Michelangelo098


    Dec 23, 2009
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    America Undercover Filmed in 1981 New York Heroin Bust

    I am looking for a copy of the series America Undercover from a Heroin Bust in 1981 in New York City, I believe it aired sometime in late 1981 or early 1982. The episode shows a bust in Queens, near Kennedy Airport.

    Black limo in parking lot at either Howard Johnsons or Hilton hotel near Kennedy Airport, the undercover cop nods head after suitcase is dropped into the car.

    I would like a copy of this episode
    crickett838, Dec 23, 2009
  10. Michelangelo098

    Feb 26, 2011
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    I have TONS more now!!!!

    (2/26/2011) Hey there- I am the original poster in this forum and I am happy to say my HBO documentary collection has exploded since I first posted here back in 2005. if anyone needs or wants to trade HBO docs, I am still doing it and likely will be doing it for the next 10 years. I am 100% commited to collecting every rare HBo doc every made in the 80's and 90's. I now have some of the rarest docs and first ones ever made. :congrats:

    Please see my post at the top- that is a partial list of what I have. However, I have tripled that amount since 2005. I also now have the following rare HBO America Undercover documentaries to trade or sell:

    The Execution Of Wanda Jean
    A Boy's Life
    Just Melvin: Just Evil
    •The Farm: Angola Prison (90's) + The Farm pt.2 Return to Angola (2006)
    •Convicts on the Street: A year on Parole (80's) RARE!!!!!
    The Best Hotel on Skid Row (80's) RARE!!!!!
    American Hollow RARE!!!!
    Paradise Lost: Child Murders at Robin Hood Hill (Part 1 and 2) (I also have very footage from Paradise Lost 2- NOT shown on any of the DVDs)
    Prisoners of the war on drugs (Tossed salad Man) RARE!!!!
    Thug Life In DC RARE!!!!
    BELLEVUE Inside Out (YES- I have it on DVD!!!) RARE!!!!
    Back from madness
    •Hate.com (90's)
    •Serial Killers: The Real Hannibal Lectors
    •Murder on a Sunday Morning
    Dope Sick love
    Why did Johnny Kill? (80's) RARE!!!!
    Junkie junior: Life in the South bronx (80's) VERY RARE!!
    Child of rage (80's)
    Dead Blue: Surviving depression
    All my docs are on DVD, great quality. I DO NOT sell any bad quality DVDs.

    I am still looking for:

    Drinking Apart Families Under the Influence
    Kansas City Undercover

    My email is still the same and put "HBO DOCUMENTARY" in the subject line so I know what it's for.

    I also have:

    The Alzheimer Project: HBO special. Covers an amazing amount of treatments.

    Middle School Confessions (HBO AMERICA UNDERCOVER): Middle Schoolers are interviewed in this very shocking and eye-opening documentary.

    Autopsy Postmortem
    :Voices from the Dead: (HBO AMERICA UNDERCOVER): episode has the following Cases on it: The good Doctor, The Fun House Dummy, A Mothers Instinct: Jerry Sherwood( Dennis Jurgens murder Case ), The Unidentified Torso (Joyce Klindt Case), The Ron Settels Case ( 21 year old football player killed by Signal Hill Police), and The Angel of Death (Donald Harvey).

    (I have tons of HBO's autopsy- including the infamous uncut doc on Karla Holmolka and paul bernardo that shows clips of their videotapes)

    ALL G-String Diva Episodes

    MOST of the "real sex" series

    Celibacy HBO America Undercover Documentary: The HBO documentary touches on celibacy in the Orthodox tradition, as well as in Buddhism and Hinduism. Explores the Roman Catholic church, making the case that celibacy is much worse there than in any other faith tradition.

    Chinas Stolen Children Documentary HBO: China, where the infamous one child policy has had the side effect of a boom in stolen children. Through candid interviews with parents of stolen children, a man who brokers the deals and has sold his own offspring, to new parents grappling with giving up their daughter through lack of options, the documentary shows the crisis from such stringent government policy.

    Smash His Camera: Ron Galilo famous paparazzi shares his famous pictures of Jackie O and many other celebrities.

    When the Levees Broke: 4 part Documentary Spike Lee goes to new Orleans after Katrina to expose devastation, grief and corruption. This is a 4 part documentary on 2 Discs. Fantastic documentary! (Warning: very graphic.)

    If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise: (2 Disc) Spike Lee's fantastic follow-up to his first Katrina doc "When the Levees Broke". He returns 5 years later to followup.

    Fatal Twisters: A Season of Fury: HBO doc from the late 90's about a spawn of killer twisters that hit Central Florida. Contains amazing twister footage.

    Slippin: 10 years with the bloods: A member of the bloods gang films over a 10 year period what happened to various gang members

    Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story: HBO America Undercover: Inside look at New York's most notorious street gang. High "Inca" 'King Tone' (leader of the gang) actually allows cameras into his personal life. One of the best docs on gangs.

    Bastards of the Party: Raised in the Athens Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Cle "Bone" Sloan was four years old when his father died, and 12 when he became a member of the Bloods. Now an inactive member of the notorious gang, Sloan looks back at the history of black gangs in his city and makes a powerful call for change in modern gang culture with his insightful documentary, BASTARDS OF THE PARTY. Acclaimed feature film director Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day") produces along with Sloan, who also directs.

    THIN: (An HBO Documentary) Thin goes inside a facility for teens and young adult women with eating disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia, binge and purge, and starvation. The girls range in age from young teens to early 30's). This is likely one of the best and most in-depth documentaries on eating disorders, how they manifest, and how they need to be treated. Four girls are followed from their arrival at the facility, through their stay. Some recover, and some do not. GREAT documentary on this subject

    Paragraph 175: By the 1920's, Berlin had become known as a homosexual Eden, where gay men and lesbians lived relatively open lives amidst an exciting subculture of artists and intellectuals. With the Nazis, all this changed. Under Paragraph 175, the sodomy provision of the German penal code. Some were imprisoned, others were sent to concentration camps. Today, fewer than ten of these men are known to be living. Five of them come forward to tell their stories in this powerful new film.

    I have WAY MORE! Too many to list!! :lol:

    I get more in monthly, so if you're looking for something I don't have- let me know and I will find it for or most likely have it.
    , Feb 26, 2011
  11. Michelangelo098


    Jul 29, 2019
    Likes Received:
    I'm REALLY wanting to see America Undercover episode "Death on the Job." Does anybody have that one? Unfortunately, I do not have an episode to trade for it, but I am willing to pay.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    derekb27, Jul 29, 2019
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