Looking for Printer Recommendation for B&W Prints

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Dale, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Dale

    Dale Guest

    Much as the title suggests, I am looking for a high quality ink jet
    printer that can use monochrome inks to produce black&white prints.
    Any suggestions or websites that provide this type of information
    would be much appreciated. TIA

    Dale, Aug 18, 2004
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  2. Epson 1160 and Piezography <www.piezography.com>.

    Or, for considerably less money and more trouble, something like the
    MIS quadtone inkset (probably best used in a continuous inkfeed
    system, much cheaper in cartridges if the level of use is at all high)
    feeding that printer.

    Warning: Doing quadtones on your own (as opposed to through the
    Piezography package, which by all accounts is very easy to use) gets
    you into developing your own profile curves manually, or else
    importing actions and curves that you don't understand and hoping they
    work right for you.

    You can use more recent printers like a 1280, but 6 inks is a waste of
    time for B&W. On the other hand, people have done some interesting
    things mixing pigmented color inks with the MIS quadtone set and
    getting a B&W printing solution that allows image toning as well. A
    key figure here is Paul Roark. Of course, mixing inks this way puts
    you into the zone of having no idea, really, what the archival
    permanence will really be. Window tests don't tell you much of
    anything really.
    David Dyer-Bennet, Aug 18, 2004
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  3. Dale

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    The new Epson 4000 is getting good reviews using colour inks to do B/W. This
    has the advantage that you can "Tone" prints too. There are a couple quad
    tone black systems but they tend to be very expensive and everyone I know
    who has tried them said that it took more work to calibrate than it was

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    Tony Spadaro, Aug 18, 2004
  4. Dale

    Clyde Guest

    The HP 7960 is considered pretty good for B&W printing. They have a gray
    ink cartridge that helps. I don't have it, but the reviews are pretty
    good. It's not at all bad for color either.

    I use the Epson R800. It's pretty good for B&W. Good enough for this old
    B&W wet darkroom guy. It's has gotten rid of the bronzing that affected
    a lot of B&W printing. It also has almost no color shifting in different
    lighting. (You have to look VERY hard, but basically none.)

    Then again, I do "tone" my B&W digital prints. I guess that comes from
    my film days. I just like toned B&W pictures. So, I convert the
    grayscale to Duotone in PS. The second color is usually a brown tone,
    but blue is pretty common too. The beauty of doing this digitally is
    that I can fine tune the tone to fit the mood of the image.

    If you do have a print that changes colors in different light, then the
    Duotone tends to mask that. The other big advantage is that your printer
    is using more inks than just Black. That tends to give a much smoother
    B&W print.

    Clyde, Aug 19, 2004
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