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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by MisMel, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. MisMel

    MisMel Guest

    Hi -

    I'm looking to get a new digital camera. I currently have the Canon IS
    S1. It's been a great camera, but I'm looking for a camera with more
    features now.

    I thought I'd pick your brains, and see what other's had to say. The
    the things I'm looking for in my new camera are:

    1.) Good in low light situations. I would like it to have an ISO up to
    at least 1600. I know that higher ISO means more noise. So I also want
    a camera that possibly has a noise reduction feature. If, a flash is
    needed, I'd like it to have an adjustable flash so that not everyone is
    washed out and it lightens up not only the subject but behind the
    subject as well.

    2.) One that gives rich true to life colors. One that can handle
    multi-light situations. Possibly has built in filter options.

    3.) I'd like one that can use rechargeable batteries. I currently have
    15 minute rechargables by Rayovac. I have 3 sets so when I'm on
    vacation, or need to take pictures, I have extra batteries on hand if
    needed. So it would have to be able to use the batteries I currently

    4.) The availability of a hotshoe on the top of the camera so you can
    use an external flash if you need more than what the camera has built

    5.) Good zoom lens. One that when at max zoom is still crisp and
    clear. Not overly fuzzy.

    6.) A camera that is well made and durable. My IS S1 has taken some
    really good tumbles on accident. Ones for sure I thought the lens would
    have broken or something internal. But all was fine, just a few minor
    scuffs. (Not that I plan on throwing it around LOL, but if an
    unforeseen accident should occur, I want to know that it's durable)

    I love to take pictures. I would especially like the camera to do well
    for Concerts, Indoor places, Outdoor and at night.

    Thanks so much for your input!

    MisMel, Jan 7, 2007
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  2. MisMel

    U-Know-Who Guest

    I believe we are all looking for that camera. :)
    U-Know-Who, Jan 7, 2007
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  3. MisMel

    bmoag Guest

    Must decide: do you want all-in-one with fixed lens or dSLR?
    bmoag, Jan 7, 2007
  4. MisMel

    Dave Cohen Guest

    The fact that you're not planning on taking it to the moon narrows the
    choices somewhat.
    Dave Cohen
    Dave Cohen, Jan 7, 2007
  5. If you want low light performance, read this before you buy:

    Digital Cameras: Does Pixel Size Matter?
    Factors in Choosing a Digital Camera

    Digital Cameras: Does Pixel Size Matter?
    Part 2: Example Images using Different Pixel Sizes

    The larger the size of each pixel, the better the low light,
    high ISO performance, in general.

    Roger N. Clark (change username to rnclark), Jan 7, 2007
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