London Stock Exchange Close To Switching Off Windows

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. They’ve already switched one major system over to Linux, looks like the main
    one is on schedule to go live on 1st November

    The Linux-based system will be able to perform trades 16 times faster than
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Oct 14, 2010
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  2. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Ron McNulty Guest

    Nice to see they are using an "open source" Oracle database????


    Ron McNulty, Oct 15, 2010
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  3. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Sweetpea Guest

    Why, or rather how, is it that you think Oracle databases are, as you put
    it, "open source"?

    Oracle databases except for MySQL are most certainly not licensed under
    an open source license; and the LSE is not using MySQL.
    Sweetpea, Oct 15, 2010
  4. In message
    Technically, MySQL is an “Oracle databaseâ€.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Oct 16, 2010
  5. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Sweetpea Guest

    Incorrect. It is a completely different type of database that just
    happens to now be sponsored by Oracle Inc.
    Sweetpea, Oct 16, 2010
  6. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Gordon Guest

    Before Oracle purchased it , MySql was both commerical and open source. I
    think that Orcale paid the $ out to make an investment.

    Open Office has forked since Oracle paid for it.

    Still good to see that $$$$$ companines "buying" up open source software.
    Must be good eh? They will not win as forking is always an option.

    Yes Sir I have a taxi here, feel free to find out how it operates, now where
    do you want to go?

    My destination.

    Okay that will be $ whatever.

    See, the customer wants to get there and at a reasonable cost.
    Gordon, Oct 16, 2010
  7. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Gordon Guest

    Finacially, that is.

    The point of this thread, so to speak, is that Ms Windows is going fishing
    by herself, for now. She my go with Orcale sone time soon. $$$$$ rule okay.
    Quak says how many..
    Gordon, Oct 16, 2010
  8. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Sweetpea Guest

    I think you're intending to say MySQL is available under two licenses -
    the GPL and a closed source one.
    Sweetpea, Oct 16, 2010
  9. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Squeakplea Guest


    Sweetpea has a defective sarcasmometer.

    Sweetpea is certainly consistent.
    Squeakplea, Oct 16, 2010
  10. <>:

    The London Stock Exchange has said its new Linux-based system is
    delivering world record networking speed, with 126 microsecond trading

    By the way, the NASDAQ has been running Linux for some time.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Oct 24, 2010
  11. Lawrence D'Oliveiro

    Gordon Guest

    The pradox screams at me on this one. Greed is what the stock exchange is
    about and yet will there be one shortly?

    People are about to discover, or the need to coperate.
    I rest my case.
    Gordon, Oct 25, 2010
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