LOL just gets funnier all the time!!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Vance, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Vance

    Vance Guest

    KOK, AKA, AKA, ad infinitum got caught lieing about another of his
    images. He came back with his usual response, which is insult and
    distraction, etc. The usual stuff when he gets caught with his pants
    down. That makes it 5/5 my favor. He pulled it down, but here is the

    That copyright notification for that image is Forest Barnas of
    Minnesota {at least at the time the copyright was asserted). Now, he
    stole the image, which he's been accused of doing before, or he's
    Forest Barnas.
    The image, with copyright notification, can be found at:

    along with other images by the photographer.

    All those who think LOL et al has been steallng images and lieing
    about them, raise your hands!

    Those who think that LOL, et al, is Forsest Barnas, raise your hands!

    Everyone who thinks LOL is maybe one of the dullest colored and
    blunted Crayons in the box, you don't need to raise your hands. It's

    Vance, Jun 3, 2010
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  2. Vance

    SMS Guest

    Whatever. He's been caught lying so many times that what's one more?
    SMS, Jun 3, 2010
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  3. Vance

    gumby patrol Guest

    gumby patrol, Jun 3, 2010
  4. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    LOL!, Jun 3, 2010
  5. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    Ooops! No copyright information.

    From the page, right at the top:

    "Photographs are the copyrighted property of each photographer listed.
    Contact individual photographers for permission to use for any purpose."

    My lawyers will contact your lawyers. It's another way that photographers
    make huge amounts of money in this day and age.

    But then, I guess you steal all your photos this way. You JUST PROVED IT.

    LOL!, Jun 3, 2010
  6. /me raises hand

    Stop spending so much time on a troll, unless you insist on making a fool
    of yourself.

    Click on the link "Images at BugGuide.Net" next to his name. Where does
    that lead to?
    Right, a user named "Keoeeit". And we all know who that is, don't we?
    Robert Spanjaard, Jun 3, 2010
  7. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    Yep! Right to the Inuit word Keoeeit:

    Among thousands of other similar hits.

    Do you?

    LOL!, Jun 3, 2010
  8. Vance

    DanP Guest

    Me. But what is the point and why does it matter?

    What is the point of arguing with a liar? You will get is some denial
    and more lies.
    Engaging him in any way is a waste of your time and a fulfilment for

    DanP, Jun 3, 2010
  9. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    Have you figured out what an f-stop is yet? Or hasn't Puppygang Weaselburg
    been able to get it through your thick skull yet?

    LOL!, Jun 3, 2010
  10. Vance

    Peter Guest

    I can't understand why you even bother. If we all simply ignore him ....
    But, you know that.
    Peter, Jun 3, 2010
  11. Vance

    Rich Guest

    You really should be ashamed. I can understand someone who can't
    afford a DSLR lying about the capabilities of them to salve his
    feelings, but stealing someone's image and pretending it's your own is
    really vile.
    Rich, Jun 3, 2010
  12. Vance

    Bruce Guest

    Bruce, Jun 3, 2010
  13. Vance

    Vance Guest

    I look forward to hearing from your lawyers. You have my e-mail, just
    have them forward the Complaint to me an I will turn it over to my
    attorney. She will take it from there. Please inform your lawyers
    that since a demand letter is usually made to avoid potential
    litigation and I desire you to file, that part of the legal song and
    dance can be dispensed with.

    Now, all you have to do is turn this over to your lawyers. You do
    have them, don't you?

    By the way, in the universe that most of us live in, the few
    photographers that make huge amounts of money do it by producing
    images of value.

    Vance, Jun 4, 2010
  14. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    Oh, but dimwad, you have that bass-ackward, as usual!

    If you ONLY knew. (anything)

    LOL!, Jun 4, 2010
  15. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    No, moths are not the thing. Nearly all species are already known. If you
    really want to name a new species then start to explore the Everglades.
    They estimate that only 5% of the species of arthropods (and other animals)
    have been documented. How many are totally unknown is anyone's guess.
    (Shortly due to be decimated by a fun oil-spill.)

    Now, due to the influx of escapees, there is an explosion of speciation
    going on. The isolated hammocks providing even further speciation, like a
    mini version of the Galapagos Islands, but many more of them.
    Interestingly, some of the Cichlid fish species have started to interbreed,
    forming new species that haven't been seen before. The government's
    Park-Circus agencies can't even keep on top of all the new fish species.
    Unfortunately, many that I caught couldn't be kept due to "invasive
    species" regulations, they have to be destroyed and can't be transported.

    That's why I spent 3 years documenting the life there.

    Insect macrophotography is only a subset of my photography.

    [But then again, I now found that the invasive Cichlids in the Everglades
    are even better eating than bass or walleye. You just feel a little funny
    scaling and gutting a 2 lb., dinner-plate sized, rainbow-colored, $150
    aquarium fish. The most memorable was a 2 lb. iridescent blue Cichlid with
    a large metallic gold, red, and green eyespot near the tail. The only one I
    had ever seen of that type. It was amazing looking. If I had an aquarium
    and laws were not as they are, it would have been put into an aquarium for
    certain. Lacking an aquarium in my kayaking supplies ... it became a tasty
    meal instead. I think I remembered to snap its photo beforehand, but I
    don't recall. My photo archives are in the many hundreds of thousands now
    and I'm not about to go look for it.]
    LOL!, Jun 4, 2010
  16. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    There are some okay photos there but I'm difficult to impress.

    I grew up on microscopes. Built my very first one when a child. A couple
    decades ago Leica awarded to me one of their plan-apo phase-contrast
    microscopes for a paper that I wrote for them. I have spent some winters
    exploring drops of pond water (with eye and camera). I sometimes tell
    people that if they can't travel and want to see and explore new worlds
    just learn to use a microscope and keep a jar of pond-water nearby.

    (I also designed a 6-axis dark-field+incident lighting system so I can
    highlight the different axes of crystals and snowflakes, each in their own
    unique color of my choosing.)

    I think my most favorite protist of all is a species of Euglena that is a
    heart-shaped leaf shape (I forget it's name at the moment) with parallel
    veining and all, a deep emerald green with an intense crimson eyespot. It's
    more impressive in real life than still photographs, the way it moves.
    Slowly bending and twisting like a supple and paper-thin emerald leaf
    that's falling in slow motion.
    LOL!, Jun 4, 2010
  17. Vance

    LOL! Guest

    You don't need a million years for specie differentiation. It depends on
    reproduction periods, environment, and random-acts of the universe (a stray
    cosmic ray or natural disaster. (There is no such thing as a "disaster",
    there is only "change".)

    For example: The "Endangered Florida Panther" is not a unique species at
    all. Though politicians and the wealthy (who put those politicians in
    office) trying to gain the panther's area for their own purposes will claim
    otherwise. There are vast oil-fields right in the panther's habitat, you
    can still see the capped wells on older topographic maps. They still exist
    in earlier versions of Garmin and Delorme topographic map data, but were
    removed from the data in later versions. They are using the deception of
    the "Endangered Florida Panther" to get people thrown off their own land.
    Land-owners are not allowed to defend themselves against panther attacks in
    the panther's protected areas (no lie). The "Endanged Florida Panther"'s
    genetics are absolutely no different than the Puma, Mountain Lion, Cougar,
    or any other common name that you want to give to /Puma concolor/. Their
    genetics are identical on two whole continents. The ONLY thing that has
    changed is their crook-tail (fitting, considering how they became listed as
    "endangered", a "crook's-tale") and romanesque nose due to inbreeding from
    being cut-off from their normal routes into the rest of the continent
    during the last century, due to human habitation. This is hardly enough
    time, nor is the habitat unique enough to cause specie differentiation in
    this type of animal with their gestation and reproduction rates, even in
    200 years. This is easily proved when the FL Park Circus imported many
    Texas cougars to bolster the population count in FL. Revealing that they
    are not a unique species and the very act of doing so, allowing Texas
    cougars to interbreed with them, now prevents them from being a unique
    species forevermore even if they were at one point. The wealthy and greedy
    media manipulators cut off their own hypocritical noses, in full sight of

    On the other hand, I did a simple home experiment (unknowingly) one time. I
    had an infestation of a particular kind of common "pest" moth whose larvae
    burrowed beneath the soils of my house plants, feeding off the roots. For a
    couple years I had been killing the occasional moth in flight, by clapping
    them between two hands. In only two years (of breeding year-round) they
    developed the trait to fold up their wings and fall to the dark-brown
    mottled carpeting every time they detected a light being turned on or felt
    the air-pressure wave of a hand-clap. As well as gaining a darker color to
    match their environment. Only those that survived my simple manual
    eradication attempts bred the next year. (They also eventually developed a
    complete resistance to pyrethrins.) Only those survived that would either
    dive out of the way when they experienced a sudden clapping sound, dove to
    the carpeting, became motionless at the first hint of light, or blended in
    with the dark wood-colors in my home at the time. In only a few years I
    have no doubt they would have differentiated into a new species unable to
    breed with or find their lighter-colored or less-evasive/less-reactive
    counterparts. I didn't wait that long to find out. I took more drastic
    measures to eradicate them one year. (But not before I unleashed some of
    these more pestilent variety into the outside environment so the rest of
    humanity can get to enjoy what I endured. They earned the right to survive,
    in my book. (If only I could say the same for humanity.))

    Speciation is dependent on many things. Time being only one of them.
    LOL!, Jun 4, 2010
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