Logitech Bluetooth headset says I have wrong Bluetooth Stack

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Sep 4, 2005.

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    I have a new Logitech Mobile Freedom headset and have paired it successfully
    with my IBM Thinkpad which has built-in Bluetooth. However, when I click on
    'Properties' for the device, and look at the 'Services' tab, no services
    appear for me to select from. Therefore, I cannot select the device as a
    microphone or headset. The Logitech website suggests that if no checkboxes
    appear under the 'Services' tab, then "your Bluetooth stack does not support
    Bluetooth headsets". I am using Windows XP (the laptop is very new so would
    be SP2).

    Surely this is not the end of the matter. Can I download a new Bluetooth
    stack (I don't even know what a stack is!) or am I stuck with the wrong one?
    Have I wasted my money on the Logitech headset? It pairs and works fine with
    a friend's Bluetooth mobile phone.

    Many thanks anyone!

    Guest, Sep 4, 2005
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