Logging a Cisco router via Console -- Security problem

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Victor, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Victor

    Victor Guest

    Hello People,

    I have just received a new Cisco Router 2801 to test it, when
    configuring some basic stuff like line vty 0 4 password and enable
    secret password. Logging off the console and again trying to log in via
    the console I am having trouble to access the router:

    These Routers come by default with a username cisco and password cisco,
    and it is not the first time I have this problem, also the same for a
    3845 Router.

    Just look line by line

    yourname con0 is now available

    Press RETURN to get started.

    Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) is installed on this
    device. This
    feature requires the one time use, initial credentials, of username
    with password "cisco".

    Please change these publicly known initial credentials through SDM or
    IOS CLI.
    Here's the Cisco IOS command:

    no username cisco

    NOTE: Please add a new username to be able to launch SDM for router

    For more information about SDM please follow the instructions in the
    START GUIDE for your router or at

    User Access Verification


    Did not stoped at the first line when asking for the username
    yourname con0 is now available

    Press RETURN to get started.
    Victor, Jan 27, 2005
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