Load balancing betwin T1 and Adsl

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by i_mounir, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. i_mounir

    i_mounir Guest

    Hi at all,

    I have 2 connection to intenet : one line T1 for all the trafic and 2nd
    adsl. What i m looking for is to pass only the mail trafic in T1 and
    the rest in adsl. My internet router is 2610. I have also a pix 520
    with 3 interface ( Internal, external and dmz) and a mail server with
    statique address (public). the adsl router, Pix external interface and
    internet router are in the same lan. The adsl router have the static
    address (public).
    Can someone help me please

    i_mounir, Dec 4, 2005
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  2. i_mounir

    Anthrax Guest

    On 12/4/2005 11:00 AM, wrote:

    -------- Original Message --------

    This is in no way an easy task. You will need to enable cef in the edge
    router and set up PBR.





    2nd Law of Thermodynamics: Chaos will Reign.

    Anthrax, Dec 7, 2005
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