little toy digital cameras are crap

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Charlie Self, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Charlie Self

    Charlie Self Guest

    get down grandma posits:
    And this surprises you?

    Charlie Self
    "Ain't no man can avoid being born average, but there ain't no man got to be
    common." Satchel Paige
    Charlie Self, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. Charlie Self

    Jim P Guest

    I thought all camera's are made of plastic.....
    Jim P, Oct 27, 2003
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  3. Charlie Self

    Thor Guest

    They are *giving* them away. You think you are going to score a $2-300 4+
    megapixel camera for free?

    Thor, Oct 27, 2003
  4. Charlie Self

    Good! Guest

    Well gosh. That's good to know.
    Hope you didn't get stuck with one.
    That would be really stupid.

    Good!, Oct 28, 2003
  5. Charlie Self

    Tony Guest

    you know the ones they give away with new computer systems and you

    wow! that is horrible! could be worse though... you could of got stuck
    with the clear ones that don't take up any space or have any mass or
    do anything. You know, just llike my rocket car and space ship that I
    have parked in my back yard.
    Tony, Oct 28, 2003
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