LiteOn Sata OPTICAL drive are not being seen in Win7

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Jim McCants, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Jim McCants

    Jim McCants Guest

    I've tried to reply to Charlie but for some reason the message does not go

    Charlie, my computer is home built, an ABIT IP35 Pro mobo, 4 GB memory, 2
    hard drives, Quadcore 6600 processor. Had no problems installing Win7 and
    all my programs from my Liteon Opical IDE drives until last Thursday. All of
    a sudden, the drives were not seen by Win7 (64bit). They were there upon
    bootup, but when Windows finally got to running, they were gone from Window
    Explorer, but showed up in Device Manager with the error flag. After
    reading about other people with the same problem, I decided to just go ahead
    and buy 2 SATA OPTICAL drives from Newegg. Both are model #IHAS124-04.

    Put them both in about 2 hours ago. NO JOY! They still don't show up, either
    in Device Manager nor on bootup!

    I hope this give the information that is needed and someone can give me
    information that will get this corrected.

    Thank you,

    Jim McCants, Mar 3, 2010
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  2. replied in thread
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Mar 3, 2010
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  3. Jim McCants

    Tom Guest

    I mentioned in another post that you possibly need to reseat the power and
    sata connectors to the MOBO to make it take. If you did, and you still have
    no joy, see if there are trips switches on the MOBO for those drives, but I
    seriously doubt that for MOBOs these days..

    If that checks out, you should check the documentation of your MOBO. If you
    could go into the BIOS and look at those devices, check to see if under the
    PIO and DMA settings, that they are both set to AUTO. If not, set them to
    those settings and see what happens.

    Have you per chance flashed your BIOS lately?
    Tom, Mar 3, 2010
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