Linux Just Sucks.. No Wonder So Few Are Using It.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by bones4jones, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. bones4jones

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    William Poaster added these comments in the current discussion
    du jour ...
    "Targets" are nothing more than an above average reason for
    something specific to happen. In this context, a "target" O/S is
    as simple as one that the bad guys like to exploit vs another
    they don't seem to be interested in. I offered my opinion, and it
    is just that - MY opinion, YMMV. And, I qualified it by saying
    that I have been following Linux but have virtually zero
    knowledge, and my Mac knowledge is equally dismal. Will Rogers
    once said something to the effect that "everything I know came
    from news papers" or some such thing meaning that he really
    couldn't verify his knowledge. That was 70 years ago, long before
    the so-called "information explosion", the age of digital, 24x7
    live news reporting, AND malware on something that didn't even
    exist until around 1981 - PCs.

    Certainly you are right about MS being easier to exploit, I said
    their security was like swiss cheese. And, I imagine Ballmer is
    right, if/when his installed base wakes up one morning to hear
    about a version of Linux they are willing to finally embrace is
    the beginning of the end for Ballmer's company. I don't think
    that day has arrived yet for me, but clearly it has for you. So,
    I am happy for you and I hope you will allow me the freedom and
    right to make a personal choice for myself that right now isn't

    Thank you, and have a great day!
    HEMI-Powered, Oct 10, 2007
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  2. NP, top posting is acceptable in this group. :)
    Well I don't know how *he* was going about installing a printer, but what
    could be more simple than the steps I outlined below.

    If using the GNOME desktop, the steps are:
    System > (Select) Add Printer > Local or Detected Printer > Printer port #1
    From the menu select: HP, & Model: BusinessInkjet 2280 > Driver: hpijs
    (recommended). Then click on "Install driver". It will either download it,
    or install from the cd.
    And you! :)
    William Poaster, Oct 10, 2007
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