Linksys WRT54GS and non-Linksys adapters

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Colin, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Colin

    Colin Guest


    Have Just upgraded my router to the above model, and some of my network
    adapters to matching Speedbooster ones. However my flatmate has a Toshiba
    laptop with built in wireless adapter.

    I can get the linksys adapters to connect ok, but the Tosh appears to
    connect ok inthat the Windows Zero Config tool says its connected and the
    tray icons indicate the same but Internet Explorer cannot connect to the

    Also do i have to run quickly around each pc and activate the Easy Set up
    when ever i press the button on the router cos it seems to change the
    encrypyin key and SSID each time. Therefor if i do one pc it connects ok,
    but then when i do the next it connects but the first drops as key has
    changed! I therefore have to the do the others manually.

    I hope someone can shed some light on these issues for me


    Colin, Nov 12, 2006
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  2. Colin

    Malke Guest

    Just set up the Linksys once on a wired computer. I've never used the
    "Easy Set Up" so you can safely ignore it. Basically, you want to do
    these things on the router:

    1. Change the default password (which will allow you to get into the
    router's configuration settings later) from "admin" to something you
    will remember. Write it down - keep it secret, keep it safe. ;-)

    2. Change the default SSID (the name of your wireless network) from
    "Linksys" to something you will recognize when you see it. I suggest
    that clients not use their family name.

    3. Set the highest level encryption that *all* wireless adapters can
    use. For most people with modern computers, that will be WPA-Personal
    (or PSK). Put in the passphrase (or password - I don't remember offhand
    what the Linksys allows) and write it down. Keep it secret, keep it
    safe. ;-)

    Now the other computers will pop up a message that says something like
    "there are available wireless networks - click here to see them". You
    should see your new network (the name of the SSID you assigned). You'll
    have a "click to connect" and the software will ask for the key. This
    is where you put in the passphrase or the password you assigned. You'll
    connect and off you'll go.

    Now, it is possible that your flatmate's Toshiba is older and has an
    older wireless adapter that can't do WPA but only the older (and far
    less secure WEP). If this is the case, then he won't be able to use
    your wireless network unless he 1) can update the firmware of his
    wireless adapter - which may not be available; 2) use a new external
    wireless network adapter card that can do WPA instead of the built-in
    one. All the wireless network must support the encryption being used on
    the router.

    I hope that helps. Here are some links that are excellent if you need

    Wireless - Basic Configuration -
    Wireless - Basic Security -
    My New Wireless does not work -

    Malke, Nov 12, 2006
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  3. Colin

    Tony Guest

    A good source for WPA passwords is here:

    Tony, Nov 12, 2006
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