LinkSys WRT54G to Dell Inspiron 2200

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by GeneM, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. GeneM

    GeneM Guest

    I want to connect a laptop, Dell Inspiron 2200,
    w/ Card: Dell Wireless 1470 Dual-Band WLAN MiniPCI Card, Rev. 4.7,

    to our LinkSys wireless router model WRT54G.

    The router offers security modes
    -Secure Easy Setup
    (for which I find no match or refernece on the laptop)
    -WPA-Personal (also called WPA-PSK) with Encryption TKIP or AES

    I wanted to use WPA-Personal (WPA-PSK) TKIP, but I can't find related
    settings on the Dell wireless setup utility.

    For now we used WEP-64.

    Any hope of running WPA-Personal for better security?

    GeneM, Dec 28, 2005
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  2. GeneM

    Lem Guest

    Secure Easy Setup is a Linksys feature that allegedly allows one-button
    setup of other Linksys devices with SES after you have set up the first
    one. Because you have a Dell wireless NIC rather than a Linksys one,
    ignore SES.

    You want the "Wireless Network Connection Settings" dialog in the Dell
    Wireless WLAN Card Utility.
    "To start using the utility, right-click the utility icon in the
    notification area, and then click Open Utility. If the icon is not
    available, open Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility in Control Panel. For you
    to use the utility and the Wireless Network Wizard, the Let this tool
    manage your wireless networks check box must be selected."

    Don't use Dell's "wizard;" use the "advanced network" connection utility.

    "To add a network connection profile, click the Add arrow, and then click
    either Use Wizard (basic network) or Use Utility (advanced network)."

    I imagine that you can reach the "Wireless Network Connection Settings
    component" for an existing network (rather than the using the "Add"
    button for a new network) by clicking on "edit" or "options" or something
    like that, by the on-line documentation doesn't show that route.

    See "Connecting to an Advanced Network Using the Dell Wireless WLAN Card
    Utility: Dell Wireless WLAN Card User Guide"

    You should use WPA2-Personal AES (select WPA-Personal Auto on the Dell
    1470). Dell's documentation suggests that the "WPA-Personal Auto" setting
    will automatically use either WPA or WPA2, depending on what the AP
    (router) is set for. If setting WPA2 on the router doesn't work, try
    WPA-Personal AES.

    WPA2 is stronger than WPA. WEP 128 is less secure. WEP 64 is even less
    secure. RADIUS requires an extra "RADIUS server."
    Lem, Dec 28, 2005
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