Linksys wireless router/NIC problems, help

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Guy Noir - private eye, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Ive got a Linksys wireless B router connected up to my RR connection and two
    PCs via cable. Everything works perfectly. The router came bundled with a
    PCMCIA NIC. When I try to use the laptop for a wireless connection, I can
    establish a connection, but get no net access. I can ping the other two PCs on
    the network from the laptop. I cannot ping RR's DNS servers or the router IP
    from the laptop. So, I've got a connection in some respect, but not working all
    the way.
    I've tried to let XP manage the wireless connection and also tried the linksys
    util, but makes no difference. Changing the channel makes no difference. The
    wireless connection is wideopen and no authentication to make things easy. The
    SSID is the default one named linksys. Router firmware has been updated and the
    FAQs read, but nothing has helped. The wireless NIC is recognized and properly
    installed. I got the same problems when using it on an old thinkpad running
    windows98. If I put a traditional wired PCMCIA NIC into the laptop, that works

    Any ideas? The two PCs using cables to the router work fine.
    Guy Noir - private eye, Sep 4, 2004
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  2. Guy Noir - private eye

    Duane Arnold Guest

    (Guy Noir - private eye) wrote in
    I use a BEFW11S4 router (now just a switch connected to a FW appliance)
    with a Linksys WPC11 NIC in the laptop.

    What IP is the wireless computer getting when you type IPconfig /all at
    the DOS Command Prompt? If the IP is a 169. IP that IP will allow the
    computer to communicate with other computers on the LAN (ping) them and
    do File and Print Sharing but it will not allow the computer to access
    the Internet. It's a sign of some kind of mis-configuration of the card
    as it cannot get a DHCP IP from the router. If you do an IPconfig
    /release and IPconfig /renew and it will not release the 169 IP, then the
    TCP/IP Stack needs to be reset on the machine, if the 169 IP is present.

    Keep the reset handy.;EN-US;Q299357&
    Linksys UTIL and XP don't play well together. I don't use the Linksys
    Util to do anything and it's not even installed. I downloaded the driver
    for the NIC and installed the driver and configured the NIC with Device
    Manager. The signal can be shown on the XP's NIC Properties page *Show
    network connection* and using the mouse over pointer on the network
    connection icon. I don't use the Wireless Configuration Service on XP too
    as that can cause a lot of problems with dropped network connection as
    WZCS searches out other networks and tries to connect, dropping your
    That's bad news.
    You may also want to go to the Linksys Web site Support Knowledge Base
    and search on *Port Forwarding*, which will show you how to set up the
    computer's NIC to use on of the router's static IP(s) to see if you can
    get an Internet connection with the NIC.

    Most likely, it's a mis-configuration of the card. It could be that the
    card or the router on the wireless is defective too.

    You should get on the phone with Linksys as they can help with the basic

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Sep 4, 2004
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