Linksys Wireless B notebook HELP!

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Mfatoldsun, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    I have an IBM laptop "thinkpad" with Windows 98SE. I`m trying to install the
    Linksys wireless B notebook adapter so it will work with my router. During
    the instillation disc, it will lock up and not respond. Also the PC card
    won`t power up. I`ve uninstalled, and reinstalled 5 times with no luck. It
    will get right at the end of the instillation and will stop responding. The
    laptop won`t freeze, but the instillation wizard will. The PC sockets are
    good because other LAN PC cards work. Is there a patch I need for this to
    work, or will Windows XP work in this older laptop?(I think it`s from 1995)
    Thanks to anyone that can help. Oh, my other computers work fine on my
    wireless router. Thanks!

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 6, 2004
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  2. Mfatoldsun

    Steve Guest

    Maybe you have a bad disc? (doubtful)
    Try dowloading the drivers and utility and installing
    Steve, Feb 6, 2004
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  3. Mfatoldsun

    Duane Arnold Guest

    Go to the Linksys Website and download the driver. Then you can go to
    Device Manager and install the driver and configure the card there as well.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Feb 6, 2004
  4. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    Thanks Steve. I just downloaded that driver. I`ll give it a shot. Thanks for
    the advice!!

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 6, 2004
  5. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    I downloaded the driver. I went to install it, and the same thing happened.
    It gets to step "E" to "Finalize Settings" and will not respond. The "Setup
    Wizard" will freeze. The "Instillation Wizard" works fine. "E" is the last
    step to configure the driver. I formatted my hard drive, re-installed
    Windows 98SE, and no changes occurred. I`m baffled! Is there a patch or
    something for the "Thinkpad"?? Thanks if you can help me with this

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 6, 2004
  6. Mfatoldsun

    Steve Guest

    I would also do what Duane suggests and just put the card in and then when
    it calls for the driver point it to the location of where the driver is
    rather that doind the EZ setup from the disc.
    If you are going to protect your wireless network with WEP encryption (which
    I suggest you do) open the folder that you downloaded the driver and open up
    the "utility" folder and install the wirless utility so that you can set
    that up as well.

    let me know how you make out.
    Steve, Feb 6, 2004
  7. Just a thought, but it sounds like it's trying to write over a file that the
    OS is using at the time. A silent install might not tell you that. Might
    want to try a safe mode install.

    Matthew Lonergan, Feb 6, 2004
  8. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    << A silent install might not tell you that. Might
    How do you do that? I`m rather new at this! Thanks,

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 7, 2004
  9. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    <<and just put the card in and then when
    ...I tried that, but both PC Card Sockets say "Empty" It won`t recognize
    the card.

    << If you are going to protect your wireless network with WEP encryption

    I will do that. I didn`t even realize that was in there. Should I install
    that first? Or does it not matter. Thanks!

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 7, 2004
  10. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    Ok fellas..........
    I opened the "Utility Folder" that I downloaded from that Linksys driver,
    and used the instillation wizard to install the driver. It wasn`t through
    the EZ wizard. It was through WIN98. Still no difference. It was able to
    build a driver data base after the restart, but no changes. I used a boot
    disc, and tried to install the driver through MS-DOS. (safe mode) It could
    not run the setup program in that mode. Windows only. So I installed the
    driver again, went to C:\Program Files\linksys\install. This error occurred
    : "File `LSWLNDS.SYS` is needed" "A required .DLL file CC3260MT.DLL was
    not found" ....I can move the cursor over the small Linksys Icon that
    appears in the bottom right hand of the screen and it says "WPC11 is not
    installed" The driver is in the laptop, but I just can`t set it up to make
    it recognize the wireless PC card. If installing through safe mode, how can
    I run the setup wizard? What do I need to do now? Thanks for all the help!!

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 7, 2004
  11. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    I downloaded The Linksys driver version 2.5 (with a setup Wizard of 1.3)
    will this supercede version 2.0.? Will it work with my version 2.0 WPC11
    Wireless B PC card? Thanks again guys!

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 7, 2004
  12. Mfatoldsun

    Steve Guest

    I'm confused at where you are now..... but let me get this straight.... you
    put the card in the PCMCIA slot and it does not recognized that you put in
    new hardware?
    Steve, Feb 8, 2004
  13. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    <<.... you
    Yes, that`s correct. No response. The "Power Light" on the Linksys card
    won`t even light up (maybe because the driver isn`t set up?)I`m just
    wondering now if the 2.5 version would work rather than the 2.0 driver. I
    think i`ve done everything, but there are those missing files. Sorry if this
    sounds so complicated! Thanks again for the help.

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 8, 2004
  14. Mfatoldsun

    Steve Guest

    that's weird....

    what is the exact model of your laptop?
    Steve, Feb 8, 2004
  15. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    It`s an IBM "ThinkPad" 365XD (40 MB RAM) With win 98SE installed. It holds
    about 1 gig of memory. It`s dated 1996. Thanks,

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 8, 2004
  16. Mfatoldsun

    Thor Guest

    Perhaps the laptop is just too old. PCMCIA/PC Card hardware standards have
    been revised a couple times I believe, much like PCI slots have undergone a
    couple revisions since the first ones appeared. I think 1996 may be pushing
    it a bit.

    Thor, Feb 8, 2004
  17. Mfatoldsun

    Steve Guest

    I agree with Thor.... I know for the wireless G adapter Linksys has a beta
    driver for laptops with a Texas Instruments card slot but not so with the B
    adapter. If you have a USB port I reccomend going that route. They have them
    now that are low profile and do not have cords.

    Here is one that I reccomend
    Steve, Feb 8, 2004
  18. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    Thanks for the advice. The notebook doesn`t have a USB :( .....woud
    upgrading the RAM help? If I were to install Windows XP, would it work then?
    Thanks again for your help.

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 9, 2004
  19. Mfatoldsun

    Thor Guest

    WinXP on a 1996 vintage laptop? I wouldn't attempt it if you held a gun to
    my head. :)

    Thor, Feb 9, 2004
  20. Mfatoldsun

    Mfatoldsun Guest

    LOL!!! I know.`s just that it works so well, and it`s paid for!!!!
    .....So there is no way of getting this thing wireless?? Or what PC card
    would work with this(hard-wired to my router)??

    Mfatoldsun, Feb 9, 2004
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