Linksys wifi router suddenly not working? Help please.

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I had recently set up a wifi for my desktop and a laptop via a Linksys
    wireless-G router.
    Everything was working fine for the first 5 days before the wifi network
    connection failed. Both computers run WinXP SP2 Home Version.

    “Wireless Network connection is not connected. Wireless network
    On the Wireless network Connection window it shows:
    “not connected, firewalledâ€. Also the internal net adapter shows “connected,
    firewalledâ€. I must assume that this is normal.
    I right clicked the wifi icon and selected “Repair†and received the message
    of: “windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following
    action cannot be completed: connecting to the wireless network. Contact
    person who manages your network.â€

    I also performed an “ipconfig†command via the Command prompt and received:
    “media state…media disconnected.â€

    I even tried to set up a new network under a different name but no success.

    Everything works fine both wirelessly, via a Netgear USB network adapter,
    and the hardwired connection (incoming cable wire-to-cable modem
    box-to-linksys wifi router-to-desktop). I can go on line with no problems at

    (Linksys Router):
    Power, WLAN, Port, and Internet lights are all green.

    I know that after reading some of the other post that this type of thing is
    not uncommon and I have tried to re-establish connection off of some of the
    other suggestions with no luck yet but what should I look at… desktop,
    router, laptop or all 3?
    I hope this info helps because I tried to be as concise as possible.

    Thanks for your help in this matter.
    Guest, Mar 6, 2007
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  2. Guest

    Lem Guest

    Sounds as if the wifi adapter in your laptop has been disabled or turned
    off. Check in Device Manager to see if the device has been disabled.
    Check your laptop User's Manual to see if there is a physical switch or
    function key combination that turns the radio on/off. Many laptops with
    built-in wifi have such a means for turning the radio off to save
    battery power.
    Lem, Mar 6, 2007
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  3. Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Mar 6, 2007
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Lem & Jack. I am not at home right now but I certainly will look into
    both of your suggestions tonight and get back to you both. :)
    Guest, Mar 6, 2007
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OK, so now my wireless setup was functioning again last night. However, it
    came up on it’s own before I had a chance to try any of the suggestions I was
    given. I decided to look around anyway for any type of conflicts. I finally
    decided to recreate another network setup but this time with selecting WPA
    encryption instead of WEP through the Wireless Network Setup Wizard. So far
    everything was working fine. My connection was active and strong.

    ---At the end of the setup while still in the Wizard on my desktop, in the
    “Wireless Network Settings†window, it showed that the “Network
    Authentication Type†was “WPAPSK†where as before it showed “Openâ€.
    ---In the “Network Connection†window of my laptop I right clicked and
    selected “View Available Wireless Networksâ€, it stated:
    “Lynksys: unsecured wireless network. Network configured for open access.
    May be visible to others, ect, ect, ect….â€

    Question 1:
    Why is there a conflict in wording and does this affect the stability of the
    system because just this morning it went out again.

    Question 2:
    What is better and more stable in the laptop world, the internal wifi
    software or an external network adaptor card? Would this affect the
    stability issue?

    Thanks again,
    Guest, Mar 8, 2007
  6. Hi

    A1. The wording changes since WZC picks up the wording in the Wireless card

    Unfortunately when it comes to networking their is a Mambo Jumbo in term's
    usage. Some use the agreed upon technical terms, others twist the terms a
    little to make it sound more like regular English. The result is Not Help
    but confusion.

    A2. There bad internal WIFI and good external and vice versa. So might
    depend on the make and the model.

    Howvever in general the Internal should be better then PCMCIA because it has
    a better longer Antenna under the plastic cover around the Display.

    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Mar 8, 2007
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OK, problem solved!
    The problem I was having was in the router itself. I did not have it
    properly configured. Unfortunately, if you have never done anything like
    this before, you can really get lost in the confusion of the details while
    flying blind. The laptop can now see my network and it is on a secured link
    also. I had to get the pdf setup manual off of the Linksys web site and
    follow through the steps from that. Also, I am ticked off that there was no
    manual or even a quick setup pamplet of some kind that could have been
    included in the box.
    Thanks again you all for your initial help.
    Guest, Mar 10, 2007
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