Linksys RV082: new VPN load-balance router

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by end user too, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. end user too

    end user too Guest

    Selling for less than a 10-user Cisco PIX 501E, the new Linksys RV082 has
    two WAN ports, and one can be used as a DMZ. I'm not sure yet how it load
    balances or does WAN fail-over for VPN. But it's feature list is amazing,
    considering the price you have to pay a competitor for load-balancing T1's,
    DSL, etc. I read the users guide and here are a few highlights. I can
    replace at least $6k of gear (Cisco PIX, Radware Linkproof, and a syslog
    server with email alerting features).

    1. Built-in power supply uses normal PC power cable.
    2. Includes rack-mount brackets
    3. 2nd WAN port can be used as DMZ
    4. Integrated support for DDNS from
    5. Auto or User defined(?) Load Balancing
    6. Syslog with built-in Email alerts(!) and SNMP support
    7. Complete statefull firewall with filtering by IP addr, port, etc
    8. Control which users behind router use VPN, and which VPN tunnel if
    9. Seems to supports VPN pass-through even with site-to-site VPN tunnels
    end user too, Jan 15, 2004
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  2. :Selling for less than a 10-user Cisco PIX 501E,

    Cisco does not offer a 501E at this point. There is a 501 and a 506E.

    :the new Linksys RV082 has

    :I can
    :replace at least $6k of gear (Cisco PIX, Radware Linkproof, and a syslog
    :server with email alerting features).

    I don't know anything about the Linkproof, but the PIX-501-K9
    sells for about $US325 these days, and there are free syslog servers
    with email alerting features. Not much different than the ~ $US275
    street price for the RV082, but the RV082 does not have a proven
    track record yet (or an EAL4 evaluation.)

    Hmmm, the Radware is not cheap, is it?

    :5. Auto or User defined(?) Load Balancing

    Could mean a lot of different things.
    Walter Roberson, Jan 15, 2004
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  3. end user too

    end user too Guest

    True, I'm not ready to toss my trusty Cisco gear. But I run syslog servers
    with email alerts and it's a pain in the butt. If I could instead have the
    email alert internally on each device, like I had with Netscreen nearly five
    years ago, that would be ideal. And let's not forget the $325 PIX 501 has
    but one WAN port and the allows but just 10 users.
    The Radware Linkproof Branch (limited to 1.5Mb) was selling for about $4k
    last year.
    I'm ordering one for testing. We'll see.
    end user too, Jan 15, 2004
  4. end user too

    Dirk Puslich Guest

    I just bought an RV082. It's a neat little box but there are still
    some problems with it.

    Mainly, the current firmware does not do PPTP pass through properly.
    You can select it but it doesn't work properly. Seems to be a problem
    everyone is having with it. I'm going to try to get IPSEC working but
    it's a nightmare to configure and simple PPTP is sufficient for our
    purposes. Linksys hasn't responed to emails yet and people I've
    chatted with about the problem say that when they did get someone live
    they told them to do useless things like "forward port 47 to get PPTP
    to work", which is bogus and PPTP uses PROTOCOL 47 / GRE, and PORT
    1723. But even following their useless directions doesn't work.

    Other than that it is working as it should, although it would be nice
    to to DHCP reservations - the RV082 doesn't allow it in the current
    firmware. Easy to get around by using the static IPs outside of the
    DHCP range but still an annoyance.

    Once they get the firmware fixed it should be good. We are just a
    6-PC network sharing a DSL line so it\s fine for us.

    Dirk Puslich, Jan 16, 2004
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