LinkSys 3000: Manual?

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by (PeteCresswell), Jan 11, 2011.

  1. I just unboxed one of these things and, as far as I can see,
    there is no such thing as a manual or user guide.

    There's just a link to a web page that contains a lot of stuff,
    but apparently no manual or user guide?

    Am I seeing this correctly?
    (PeteCresswell), Jan 11, 2011
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  2. Per Ken1943:
    Has anybody actually seen it on the CD?

    My CD has a link, but no manual that I can find.
    (PeteCresswell), Jan 11, 2011
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  3. Per (PeteCresswell):
    Definitely no manual. To be fair, as somebody else observed,
    setup is pretty much self-evident via the router's web pages.

    Another little goody: one of the distinguishing features of this
    router, a guest account, cannot be configured via the router's
    browser interface. Instead, LinkSys' proprietary setup program
    is required - and once certain parms are changed, the setup
    program can no longer get to the router.

    FWIW, if I were shopping for a higher-end router, I'd look for
    another brand with the feature set I wanted - and full setup
    capability in the router's web pages.... and, maybe... even a
    (PeteCresswell), Jan 31, 2011
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