Links in email, open an blank alert window

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Adrian, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Guest

    New to FF and having an occasional problem. Some links in my email will not
    open FF but rather a 2"x3" blank alert window. Other links open FF and load
    the page. If I copy the link from email, then open FF and paste they work

    Any ideas, is there some setting I have set wrong.


    Adrian, Mar 18, 2005
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  2. Adrian

    Moz Champion Guest

    ?? Links in email, using Firefox?
    Webmail? maybe? What program are you using for email?

    Can you provide a quote of the passage where you get this error perhaps?
    (copy paste from the email)
    Moz Champion, Mar 19, 2005
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