"Limited or no connectivity" - cannot connect to Internet!

Discussion in 'General Computer Support' started by amk, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. amk


    Jul 21, 2009
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    Hi, I'd like some help connecting my laptop to the Internet.

    Yesterday my family went and got a new modem,
    and one of the laptops stopped connecting to the Internet!
    We have 2 laptops and 1 desktop computer that are connected to a router,
    and all except for that one work fine.

    I've tried to renew the IP address for that laptop,
    but I can't seem to do that.
    The IP I have now is a static one...
    I've checked to make sure that my firewall and Norton Antivirus
    are off when I try to renew it, but it still doesn't work.

    I've also tried rebooting winsock as well, but no luck.

    What else is there that I should try?
    amk, Jul 21, 2009
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  2. amk


    Aug 8, 2009
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    I have an answer

    Many many many answers to that question.
    For over a month, I read every youtube video or other weirdlike tutorials as well as support forums and tried everything. Nothing worked.

    Then I called every customer service number for each piece of equipment involved. ( My router, modem, and all laptops in the house)
    First, I paid for customer service for help with my router. After calling the cable company and checking my modem (turing them off and on, plugging and unplugging, restarting..
    Cable co -with caution- suggested my router was outdated and a new one would be faster and more secure.
    New router, and a few hundred minutes on my cell phone plan later, still the same problem.
    Again I searched the internet for answers and tried whatever was suggested.

    **You can go back to a previous date (system recovery, not restore) in your pc and then if you connect, you can be sure it was most likely a setting change or maybe you downloaded something by accident.**

    * Also by now the cable co or whoever you might have talked to, should have had you start your computer in safe mode; if you connect in safemode then it is a software problem, maybe. * All programs (software) are off running in safe mode.
    HOwever, this turned out not to be my problem.
    Wireless zero configuration did not work, using network wizard to make network did not work.

    Password for encrypted connection is correct?

    Finally I called the geek sqaud and went in. They suggested it might be infected with spyware, viruses?? They said my pc has issues, defintely. OK

    I waited two hours, they returned my laptop to me showing me that it connected to wireless and ethernet at their store and there was not a problem
    Thank God they were nice.
    when I went home.. still limited...no connectivity, windows cannot configure this wireless connection.
    Troubleshooting options from that menu and two more phone calls to cable co and still no better. They confirm it is not the modem, again.
    And suggest I call the router's customer service line.
    I do and they check everything they can by phone and again confirm that the router is working properly.

    I return to best buy and the fee is 199 for diagnosis and guaranteed repair.
    They run a full diagnostic and again suggest there are some hidden issues. NOt spyware, not driver, wireless card but to go through it and find it, there is a fee.
    I complain and pay and hand over my laptop. Geek Squad cleans out my entire PC. Reinstalls windows and Office and made a backup of my pics and movies. I did have to call the security software help line because that was completely erased.

    After bringing it home again, it still said limited or no connectivity only now the IP address is ( instead of 169. which is like an error message) and is eternally trying to acquire an ip address.
    *one exception here is that maybe and only maybe a WPA personal encryption might be too high for my pc to communicate. OK
    We had apple talk us through setting the router with the laptop we had available (a mac).
    After all that, still no connecting.

    What could possibly be so hard about a 04 gateway laptop?
    By the way, forget calling for support its expensive. No live chat, no email.
    YOu can read old Q n A and thats it

    Gateway charges, 59, 129, 199
    Microsoft charges $79 an hour
    best buy to your house $250 although the guy on the phone said $359
    A local tech that works from home $79/ hour

    Apple, free with warrantied products (new stuff)
    However they have a genius bar, make an online appt, show up, chat with knowledgeable, friendly, professional staff and get some insight if not exact answers.

    Finally from a suggestion of a quick thinking friend, I asked an IT staff from work to help me with my problem.

    I brought my laptop to him and he showed me the very simple answer it was the whole time.

    Look to the bottom right icons.
    If you have built in wireless you have that icon and probably a toggle button to turn wifi on and off.
    you also have one that looks like a computer.
    dont left or right click the computer? icon.
    If you do, the "windows cannot configure" window should come up.
    You can right click it to choose which network to join or disable wireless radio or "repair the connection" But none of that matters while you are having the connectivity problem.

    It didnt work the first time, but after two tries it did.
    A window will come up showing info on your connection
    Your ip address, connectivity strentgh, etc.
    you may be asked to enter the key, and by now you should have it.
    Click the name of your network hopefully you have a lock icon on the right of it.

    I cannot for sure say why this did not work at first but it was by far the simplest fix after all that drama.
    angela0078, Aug 8, 2009
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  3. amk


    Jan 9, 2009
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    Make sure your new modem does not share the same ip address has your 3 computer and router. I had a similar problem. My modem use, the router has and all my computer use IP above

    Also if u have a router and modem configuration, it'S better to have the modem in a bridge mode whit no DHCP server enable. And Have the router program whit the ISP Password and setting and the DHCP server.
    technoplume, Sep 10, 2009
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