Lightning Photography - CHDK with MX3 Motion Detection - A Strike Every Time

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by KevenGaston, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. KevenGaston

    KevenGaston Guest

    While browsing the main CHDK Russian forums, I ran across some interesting
    links. The originator of the RAW-hack, which caused the birth of CHDK, tested
    MX3's implementation of motion detection to see if it really was fast enough to
    capture lightning strikes with total automation.

    Here's some more from another tester in that discussion thread:

    Just set up your camera, load a motion-detection script, trip the shutter, then
    go back inside (your house, or car) where it's safe. Retrieve your photos later.
    No wasted frames to sort through either. Each one will have a lightning bolt
    recorded on it.

    If this was the game of bowling and your camera could knock down 10-pins, a CHDK
    equipped camera would get a score of 300 with every game.

    translated by Babelfish from Vital.'s Russian post about this:

    mx3 Listen to idea to shchet of detektora davol'no interesting to me it were
    pleased, but the lightning of vsezh of vryatli of poymayesh, the reaction of the
    apparatus too of zamedlenna in order to have time to make a photograph! It is
    possible to attempt to remove lightning with the aid of the interval survey in
    JPG and by turning off of the deduction of dark sequence in tuning Alt by menu
    To koye, which for me was possible to catch thus on A630: _3_%23_.Vital..jpg _3_%23_.Vital..jpg _3_%23_.Vital..jpg And
    one additional request: can smozhesh on the basis of another script create
    breketing of sensitivity ISO and breketing of diofragmy (A.v) greatly can it
    will prove useful for the survey of night objects, etc! Zaraniye it is grateful

    Full thread starts here:
    KevenGaston, Oct 11, 2007
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  2. KevenGaston

    KevenGaston Guest

    Here's more:

    The 1st collection done with the usual manual method, tripping the shutter and
    waiting and hoping. The 2nd and 3rd collections were done automatically with a
    CHDK motion-detection script.

    (translated from bablefish:
    yes lightning thus not you pofotografiruyesh'. Somewhere even lay script for the
    "correct" method. 4 itself wrote its itself (simply interval survey). After
    this, and with such thunderstorms as this summer, even ugas the interest in the
    lightning - is pair of tens of good already. For example on the first is made "hands", the
    second and the third - by script. )
    KevenGaston, Oct 11, 2007
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