License Conflict Between x64 And Windows XP Pro English(32-Bit)!

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by yiannisl, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. yiannisl

    yiannisl Guest


    I would like to ask about a problem i am having and i have searched
    anywhere i could possibly imagine.Unfortunately,i came out empty.

    I own a couple of operating systems which are genuine.An XP Pro
    (32-Bit) and
    an x64.Both are english.I Haven't installed them yet to my computers.My
    Question is this:

    Can I register them both in my name,through microsoft activation?

    I'm asking because i've heard that if you register an XP(32-Bit) and
    that an x64 to the same name, the registration of the XP 32-Bit
    system is automatically cancelled!!!!!!!

    Is this true?????


    yiannisl, Mar 17, 2006
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  2. You can activate both without any problem :)
    Jean-Baptiste Faure, Mar 17, 2006
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  3. yiannisl

    John Barnes Guest

    Someone probably was just confused about the exchange program Microsoft had
    in the early stages, where you exchanged your x32 version for a free copy of
    x64. When you exchanged it the x32 version was no longer licensed.
    That is not the case with 2 purchased versions.
    John Barnes, Mar 17, 2006
  4. If that were the case, an awful lot of us would be in big trouble!

    You can certainly license two versions of Windows on the same physical
    machine to the same user. I suspect John Barnes has the source of the
    confusion right. Those copies of XP 32-bit that were used for the exchange
    program were then de-activated, since they have been exchanged for 64-bit.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Mar 17, 2006
  5. Thank You Very Much Guys for the Crucial Information! Thanx!
    yiannisl via, Mar 18, 2006
  6. I had collected some information about the Technology Advancement Program,
    stored on my space:!E8E5CC039D51E3DB!1337.entry

    Of course it is discontinued:
    The Technology Advancement Program is designed to assist customers who have
    acquired a new x64 Computer with the intention of replacing a previously
    licensed 32-bit version of Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (1-2
    Processor Version) Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (1-4 Processor
    Version and Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Reduced Media Edition (1-2
    Processor Version) ("Windows XP Pro (32 Bit)") with Windows XP Professional
    x64 Edition on such system. This program allows customers to exchange a
    license for Windows XP Pro (32 Bit)for the new version of Windows XP
    Professional x64 Edition.

    Technology Advancement Program Eligibility

    In order to be eligible to receive Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition,
    your computer must have been ordered between March 31, 2003 and July 31,
    2005 with Microsoft Windows® XP Pro (32 Bit) preinstalled.

    In addition, you must read and agree to the following:

    By participating in this program, your 32-bit version of Windows® XP
    Professional will no longer be licensed. The installation of Windows® XP
    Professional x64 Edition requires you to format your hard drive. You must
    back up your files and settings prior to the installation or they will be
    erased. Microsoft is not liable for any loss of data as a result of this
    installation. Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition requires 64-bit hardware
    drivers (32-bit drivers are not supported). Drivers for 64-bit Windows are
    created at the discretion of hardware manufacturers and may not be available
    for some of your hardware components.

    For the purposes of the End User License Agreement for your existing
    Windows® XP Pro (32 Bit) software, your installation of this software will
    be an "Upgrade."

    The installation of Windows® XP Professional x64 Editions will void any
    support with your PC manufacturer. One free support call will be provided by
    Microsoft for any installation-related issues. Additional calls to Microsoft
    support will be available on a pay-per-incident basis.

    Cost for shipping and handling of upgrade is $12.00 USD for domestic
    shipments and $22.00 USD for International shipments plus any applicable
    Extended64 |
    Blog |
    FAQ for MS AntiSpy
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Mar 18, 2006
  7. yiannisl

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Jun 3, 2006
  8. Your name is not what makes it unique, its the product identification which
    is generated when you activate the software. So there is nothing to worry
    about. I have XP Professional x64 and XP Professional x86 on the same
    machine separate partitions activate, no problems.
    Windows Connected |
    Extended64 |
    Blog |

    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Jun 3, 2006
  9. You are probably thinking of a program which has long ago ended which
    allowed you to exchange a 32-bit edition for the 64-bit one. That was a
    special program and not a feature of the software.

    If you own copies of both editions you can install both on the same machine
    (be sure to install the 32-bit edition first) and you will have a dual boot
    machine. Each will activate without regard to the other. It is not the
    case that one will cancel the other out.

    It is your choice whether or not to register as a user of either, both, or
    neither. Registration is never required. Only activation.

    Colin Barnhorst, Jun 3, 2006
  10. Colin has it exactly right. Registration and Activation are two different
    and unrelated things. One is required, one is not.

    For instructions on how to set up dual booting, see


    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jun 3, 2006
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