LH & RH Car Radios

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Tony, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    Did you know that these exist ? only found out yesterday from the Work
    mate that Fixes them, I had just got a New Radio and his comment was its a EU
    LH model..

    So a question to the brainy people here how do you tell.?

    Yes I do know..
    Tony, Aug 12, 2005
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  2. Tony

    E. Scrooge Guest

    Here's some more exciting news for you. Americans drive on the right, all
    driving controls in cars for America are on the left.

    E. Scrooge
    E. Scrooge, Aug 13, 2005
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  3. Tony

    Steve Guest

    The volume knob is always nearest the driver.
    Steve, Aug 13, 2005
  4. Tony

    Tony Guest

    That is correct, unless you buy a Alpine always on the left.

    The other way out of this, is the Remote that comes with most of them..

    It seems that Parallel Importers are manly LH radios for the EU..
    Tony, Aug 13, 2005
  5. Tony

    PAM. Guest

    Aaah. That's why my blaupunkt has a left hand volume button.


    PAM., Aug 14, 2005
  6. Tony

    ~misfit~ Guest

    My Pioneer has a volume control on the left, as do the last three head units
    I've bought in NZ. As usual "Tony" is talking through the wrong orifice.
    ~misfit~, Aug 15, 2005
  7. Tony

    EMB Guest

    Agreed. I've just seen several new head units (Kenwood & Pioneer) with
    LH mounted volume controls (and they are supplied through the NZ agents
    rather than being grey market imports).
    EMB, Aug 15, 2005
  8. Tony

    Tony Guest

    No it came from a Car Radio Service Tech..

    So piss off you brain dead Twit, go get a life..
    Tony, Aug 15, 2005
  9. Tony

    EMB Guest

    Sounds like your 'tech' is as knowledgable as you are Roger. Try
    admitting that you might have been misled and apologise - it might
    regain you some respect and friends.
    EMB, Aug 15, 2005
  10. Tony

    Bret Guest

    Reminds me of the guy who came around and told me a painter had told
    him 30 seconds will remove paint if you leave it on for an hour.
    A quick test proved he is gullible.
    Bret, Aug 15, 2005
  11. Tony

    AD. Guest

    Typical. Woger will believe without question any low level so called
    'authority figure' be it a random technician or magazine review etc, but
    won't believe anyone in here no matter what their credentials are or
    experience is.
    AD., Aug 15, 2005
  12. Tony

    Mutlley Guest

    Then I guess the only solution is to import only left hand drive
    Mutlley, Aug 15, 2005
  13. Tony

    Tony Guest

    No I have been in the Trade for some 40 years and more and Still working, this
    Village idiot is so jealous of me and constantly tries to put me down.,.,
    Tony, Aug 15, 2005
  14. Tony

    Tony Guest

    No I work with this Tech and I know that he is Right, most here just do not
    have a clue..
    Tony, Aug 15, 2005
  15. Tony

    Tony Guest

    No cost most here do not have any Brains at all.

    The Tech I am referring to is a Work mate..

    So would you like to meat him and state that to his Face..?
    Tony, Aug 15, 2005
  16. Tony

    cowboyz Guest

    you got your replies on a macro have ya?
    cowboyz, Aug 15, 2005
  17. Tony

    KewlKiwi Guest

    Hmmm, does your workmate know you are encouraging gays to contact him?
    KewlKiwi, Aug 15, 2005
  18. Tony

    AD. Guest

    I'm not talking about this guy specifically and I'm not making any
    assumption about whether he is right or not (I know bugger all about car
    stereos) - just noticing a general trend with all your disagreements here.
    You automatically assume every answer you get here is wrong no matter how
    much personal experience and factual evidence come with it, so if
    you hear something different elsewhere you make the mistake of
    automatically assuming the outside info is correct.
    No I would not like to "meat" him (use the dictionary). But I wouldn't
    have a problem stating to him your tendency to mishear or misread things -
    which was part of what I was commenting about after all.

    Your friend probably stated something to the effect of a general rule
    (nobody disagreed with that general rule), your less than precise grasp of
    english probably misinterpreted that to mean something more like a hard
    and fast rule which you then present as absolute FACTs, and you get pissed
    off when people produce counter examples.
    AD., Aug 15, 2005
  19. Tony

    Jerry Guest

    Ahhh, you've obviously installed it upside down! :p

    Jerry, Aug 15, 2005
  20. Between saving the world and having a spot of tea Tony said
    I think we'd all like to come to your work. Care to post the address?
    Robert Singers, Aug 15, 2005
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