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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Kirk Goins, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Kirk Goins

    Kirk Goins Guest

    Is there any good books for "LEARNING" the ins and outs of cfging PIXs ?
    I have my CCNA and understand the concepts of routing, filtering port
    forwarding etc. I have PIX 501 and am trying to learn enough to handle
    at least simple cfgs. Using PDM 3.0 and 6.3 I can get a outgoing traffic
    going, I can get both PIX to PIX vpn and Cisco Client to PIX vpn
    working, but all thru PDM. I need to do more like port forwarding and
    things like access-lists. Things that are "SIMPLE" on other brands
    aren't that easy with PIXs.

    What I'm looking for is not a cmd reference but something that explains
    concepts and how things work together. I've been in the computer
    industry for over 20 years mostly on IBM midrange CPUs and devices.
    Where all I ever I've had to do is set the IP info etc on devices, the
    network guys did all the other stuff. I want something above the CISCO
    PIX for Dummies level, but below the just a cmd reference.
    Kirk Goins, Dec 19, 2003
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  2. :Is there any good books for "LEARNING" the ins and outs of cfging PIXs ?

    One small thing to learn at the beginning: The PIX software is
    not IOS. The PIX software is usually referred to as 'PIX' with
    a version number, or sometimes (informally but not quite
    correctly) as 'PIX OS'. The true name of the operating system
    running on PIX is Finesse, but the level you see is really
    application software written on top of Finesse. Cisco does not
    document the 'Finesse' name.

    :What I'm looking for is not a cmd reference but something that explains
    :concepts and how things work together.

    I suggest you read the Configuration Guide.

    I would suggest you start with the 5.2 Configuration Guide.

    The Configuration Guide was revised after 5.3, and in my
    opinion the revised version does not do as good a job at introducing
    the material.

    As I recall, Richard Deal has a book about learning PIX.
    Walter Roberson, Dec 19, 2003
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  3. Kirk Goins

    Jason Kau Guest

    Sure it does:

    Q. What operating system does the FWSM run?

    A. The FWSM and Cisco PIX Firewall run the same operating system: Finesse,
    the real-time operating system. Finesse, which is a true microkernel,
    provides software reusability, source-code portability, increased product
    quality, decreased testing, shorter time to market, and increased return
    on investment.
    Jason Kau, Dec 19, 2003
  4. Kirk Goins

    Kirk Goins Guest

    Kirk Goins, Dec 20, 2003
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