LCD TV resolution / DVD resolution ?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by slonkak, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Nov 13, 2006
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    Ok, I need some help making sense of it all.

    I am looking at this TV, 40" BRAVIA™ XBR® LCD Flat Panel HDTVspacerKDL-40XBR3. It is capable of 1080p, and it is awesome. I saw one in a local Circuit City and almost crapped my pants. Anyway, here are my questions. I know this is asking a lot, but please go into as much detail as possible. I have been very confused as everyone on the net has a different opinion about everything.

    1) With this DVD player, what is the output I currently get to my Sony Wega 24" tube TV?
    2) What is the best output that DVD player can produce?
    3) If I buy the above LCD TV, how will it handle the input from my DVD player? (If you use words such as upscaling, etc, please define them)
    4) Can the clarity I saw in the store be accomplished from anything other than HD-DVD or BluRay players?
    5) I've heard that 1080p dvd players aren't coming til the second generations... is this true?
    6) Is it worthwhile to spend thousands of dollars on the 1080p LCD TV to use with my current DVD player?
    6a) Maybe I won't get the full clarity/quality, but will everything still work and will the quality of current DVD input degrade because of the upscaling or whatever the TV does?

    I would appreciate anything you all can give me. You probably realized from my questions, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!
    slonkak, Nov 13, 2006
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