LCD question for Nikon 8400 owners

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by MTBike1970, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. MTBike1970

    MTBike1970 Guest

    I was recently testing this camera in a local shop. When I pointed it out
    the window... it was a very bright day... the LCD screen had a lot of
    vertical purple/magenta banding. The banding seemed to diminish a bit when
    the camera locked focus. The captured image was fine. I found it a bit
    distracting for composing. I've never seen a reviewer, or a camera owner,
    commenting on this. Is this a normal occurence or a flaw in the LCD ? I
    don't see it on my old Canon G2.
    MTBike1970, Dec 7, 2004
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  2. MTBike1970

    Mark² Guest

    I've never seen any camera do that.
    It sounds like you held a bad unit...
    Mark², Dec 7, 2004
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  3. MTBike1970

    Guest Guest

    Likely it is a hosed demo unit.

    Guest, Dec 7, 2004
  4. I've seen similar effects in the Nikon 5700, and I think I've seen it in
    the 8400 as well. I've probably just got used to it now! I recall it was
    mentioned in the 5700 manual as nothing to worry about.

    David J Taylor, Dec 8, 2004
  5. MTBike1970

    Ed Ruf Guest

    FWIW, I don't remember this and a quick search on "monitor" didn't
    find anything other than:

    Notes on the monitor and viewfinder
    • The monitor and viewfinder may contain
    a few pixels that are always lit or that do
    not light. This is a characteristic common
    to all TFT LCD monitors and does not indicate
    a malfunction. Images recorded
    with the product will not be affected.
    • Images in the monitor may be difficult to
    see in a bright light.
    • The monitor and viewfinder are lit by a
    fluorescent backlight. Should the monitor
    or viewfinder begin to dim or flicker,
    contact your Nikon service representative.
    • Do not apply pressure to the monitor or
    viewfinder, as this could cause damage or
    malfunction. Dust or lint adhering to the
    monitor or viewfinder can be removed
    with a blower brush. Stains can be removed
    by rubbing the surface lightly with
    a soft cloth or chamois leather.
    Ed Ruf Lifetime AMA# 344007 ()
    See images taken with my CP-990 and 5700 at
    Ed Ruf, Dec 8, 2004
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