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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Ghost, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Ghost

    Ghost Guest

    So, early September I hired this tech who was supposed to be the greatest
    tech on earth- just ask him, he will tell you...

    He just moved here from Texas...

    He was not all that great- he was competant, but not great by any means...

    But, he was high maintenance- VERY high maintenance. He needed his ego
    stroked ALL the time. Every time he finished a PC, he was always talking
    about how great he was- "Look, I finished it in 2 hours." "Isnt it great,
    I made you another $50 bucks.", etc. Every time he was on a service call,
    he would call me from the call when he finished to let me know how great
    he was- he was done, etc....

    He refused to bring in any tools. He insisted it was *MY* responsibility
    to supply him with his hand tools, etc. He broke THREE of my shop
    screwdrivers. Yes, he literally SNAPPED the tips off of two screwdrivers,
    and snapped the entire shaft off of one of my fine jewellers scredrivers.

    And, he argued with me all the freaking time. He talked about how much
    better he is at this stuff, etc. How he has better bench workstations.
    How he has better software tools, etc. But one of the big things was
    McAfee vs Norton. As anyone here might already know, I am a big fan of
    Norton, and refuse to use McAfee. He would constantly argue with me- and
    I would have to repeatedly tell him he was not to use mcafee in my shop.
    He would promptly ignore me until I caught him using it again- and again.

    He wold also bring in his personal portable computer to use as a bench
    machine- he did not like my bench machines. Again, i would tell him not
    to, etc- but he would bring it in again within a few days of me telling
    him not to, etc.

    Before I went on vacation, while I was once again remnding him NOT to use
    his personal PC and NOT to use McAfee he made a comment about how before
    he is done, he will prove to me McAfee was better.

    Well, while I was on vacation, he decided to quit- for this mythical
    80k/yr job in Sarasota (about 3 hours south). But then, when he was
    talking to one of the other techs, the job was in Jacksonville (4 hours in
    the opposite direction). But, before he left, he disabled Norton
    Antivirus on every workstation he had access to and injected 6 different
    viruses into my network.

    I had to come home early from my vacation because the remaining techs were
    telling me everything was acting goofy, and nothing was working. I came
    home to find myself completely out of business. We could not produce a
    damned thing. We could not process jobs (invoices, etc) because the
    workstations were down, we could not work on PCs because all the bench
    machines were down. My quickbooks file was destroyed (forntuately, I had
    joust logged in from NY like two days before and did my backups).

    The absolute quickest way to get back in business was to wipe the
    workstations and reload- THEN I could start working on client machines-
    which were backing up heavily!

    Well, once I had things up and running, and while I was wiping I grabbed
    the viruses to floppy, along with other specific documentation, I then
    called the Sheriff's Office. Like he did not think i was going to put him
    in jail????

    Ya know, he was going to be fired when I came back from vacation anyway,
    but I think jail suits him better.

    Oh, and I talked to his previous employer in Texas. Since the time when I
    called for a work reference and the time he did his thing when he quit,
    his previous employer discovered he stole some computer equipment and a
    hard drive with data on it from a client. The employer contact the police
    and he is now facing grand theft charges in Texas too!

    There is OH SO MUCH more, but this is getting long enough now...
    Ghost, Nov 27, 2003
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  2. Ghost

    JesseTX Guest

    Wow, sounds like you found a real winner there. But don't judge the
    rest of us in Texas based on that guy. If only I could find a job
    here, and we have guys doing that kind of thing.
    JesseTX, Nov 27, 2003
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  3. Ghost

    hootnholler Guest

    Hey Ghost,

    Broke 3 of your screwdrivers?? on what, those pesky case screws? Didn't he
    know you need an air hammer for those??!?? (j/k...)

    Ghost, you seem like one of the few good guys, sorry to hear that this guy
    made your life a living hell for a while. There's two types of people in
    this world, those that dazzle you with brilliance, and those that baffle you
    with bullshit. The other part of that one is the difference between a wise
    man and a fool, a wise man keeps his mouth shut, and lets people wonder if
    he's a fool or not, the fool opens his mouth and removes all doubt. Sure
    sounds like this yahoo was part of the latter on both accounts.

    To try and cheer you up, lemme leave you with this thought. Ever hear about
    the know-it-all tech that found out he couldn't cut it in the field, and
    decided to blow up a bus? He burnt his lips on the tailpipe....

    hootnholler, Nov 27, 2003
  4. Ghost

    RussS Guest


    Geez Ghost - as a past business owner and a long time manager I surely know
    how you feel with having your trust abused. I just hope that your law
    system down there does the right thing and nails him good and proper.
    Incompetance is one thing, but to intentionally sabotage an employer you are
    leaving is freakin low .... wonder if it counts as terrorism? Throw the punk
    down in guantanamo bay and leave him, there for a year of three ... lol

    I do have to say though, at least you are able to sort the damage through
    and set things right in fairly short time. We had a *nix expert who started
    a couple weeks before I did leave us recently. Unfortunately several large
    client who were talked into running redhat servers are rather pissed at us
    after their machines started to fall over and cost them down time. So bad
    was this guy that with one client who was having a large internet usage
    account he set a cron job to disconnect the modem between 7pm and 7am ....
    just forgot to write another to tell the modem to wake up again .... lol
    RussS, Nov 27, 2003
  5. Ghost

    Jinkies Guest

    Sounds like the blind leading the blind either way! WWW.AVP.CH
    Jinkies, Nov 27, 2003
  6. Ghost

    Ghost Guest

    Actually, i have no idea what the hell he was doing- probably prying
    something- applying way too much on something...

    oh, he was a case alright... lol

    Ghost, Nov 27, 2003
  7. Ghost

    Ghost Guest

    It is a 3rd degree felony here in Florida.

    Actually, the detective handling my case is a buddy of mine. The case is
    pretty solid. I collected all the incriminating evidence before I had to
    wipe the drives. This guy will wind up in a cell married to a big hairy
    sweaty guy named bubba! I cannot ask for much more than that!!!

    Ghost, Nov 27, 2003
  8. Ghost

    David Hough Guest

    Bubba deserves better than that!
    David Hough, Nov 27, 2003
  9. Ghost

    RussS Guest

    ahhhh luv it :)
    RussS, Nov 27, 2003
  10. Ghost

    Ghost Guest

    Butt, he might give one to the tech... lol

    Yes, I spelled "but" with two tee's... lol
    Ghost, Nov 27, 2003
  11. Freudian slip? :)

    Tom MacIntyre, Nov 27, 2003
  12. Ghost

    techshare Guest

    HAHAHAH. I know this thread is old ... but I've been too busy to read this

    Thanks for the New Year's gift Ghost (you proving my point)! Talk about
    getting what you deserve. Here is the phrase of the new year for you.


    "this is getting long enough now..." It was long the first time you started
    whining about not being able to find a tech. PLEASE spare us already! My God
    techshare, Jan 2, 2004
  13. Ghost

    techshare Guest

    He knows Symantec products are POS ... and can be harder than h*ll to
    remove. He know McAfee works, and doesn't cause nearly as many installation
    and post installation issues as the Symantec counterpart. WTF is the problem
    here?! On top of getting him for a bargain ... ya got someone who had it on
    the ball! What a waste of talent. I sure hope the guy gets a better and
    better paying job for the new year.
    techshare, Jan 2, 2004
  14. Ghost

    RussS Guest

    McAfee? hmmmm
    Personally I wouldn't touch it with a 40' barge pole - never had a serious
    issue with NAV, but if I ever switched I can think of a few free ones that
    do a better job than McAfee and sure as hell let your machine work better.
    RussS, Jan 2, 2004
  15. Ghost

    Ghost Guest

    Ya know techshare... ever since you started posting in here I had taken a
    immediate dislike towards you. This just confirms my feelings about you.

    I bet you are a real pleasure as en employee- and in case you do not know
    it, that is extreme sarcasm.

    How you can feel that what he did was deserved proves to me you are the
    every bit the very same kind of dirtbag worthless employee he was, and you
    would not hesitate to sabotage your employer as well.

    I only hope when you do things like this, that your employer will have the
    evidence to put your ass in jail too. Then maybe you too can be married
    to some big hairy guy in your cell named Bubba!
    Ghost, Jan 2, 2004
  16. Ghost

    techshare Guest

    Let's see, just since July I've ordered and installed about 120 copies of
    McAfee 7.0. I don't remember but one callback on any problems with the
    scanner after installation.
    techshare, Jan 2, 2004
  17. Ghost

    techshare Guest

    Look at you ... resorting to name calling. Go back and read your own posts.
    Maybe you'll see what we were trying to tell you the first time you were
    whining about not finding a good cheap technician.

    PS. There are 3 sides to every story , and only a child can't see that your
    story about this employee lacks truth.
    techshare, Jan 2, 2004
  18. Ghost

    R.A.D. Guest

    and I have used NAV with the same longer with the same results,but you
    probably have not tried McAfee Internet Security I did and it was a complete
    nightmare,I was able to remove it but an associate of mine was not so
    lucky,it rendered his system useless,and had to be rebuilt. So IMHO what is
    a determined POS is all personal choice.
    R.A.D., Jan 2, 2004
  19. Ghost

    techshare Guest

    You are right about the personal choice ...however please explain the need
    for all of the "rn" utilities which you do need to remove Symantec shite (8
    times out of 10).

    Regarding Internet Security ... we don't install it OR support it. Also,
    I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I fail to see the need for
    software firewalls (except *maybe* on dialup Internet). Also, all software
    firewalls suck. They suck by their very nature and how they must work to
    accomplish the task of providing a firewall.

    Ghost is just a long time b*tcher in this group. When I first met the guy,
    he seemed cool ... but how can anyone with a brain stand to read all these
    posts (for almost a year?!!) complaining about finding just one qualified
    technician for a PC shop. I mean come on! Stop whining and let's get on with
    it already.
    techshare, Jan 2, 2004
  20. Ghost

    R.A.D. Guest

    I can't explain that, because the need has never been there. Perhaps you
    could explain better as to what you are trying to remove,the software itself
    or viruses that went undetected do to bad choices.I have used both,and have
    had much better luck with NAV. To me your whole attitude sounds just like
    the Staples employee,fresh out of Highschool telling me the Product I
    service is a piece of crap,not (knowing that I am not just another
    consumer)Just because Staples does not sell this brand ,when I inquired if
    they carried supplies for it.
    I use a hardware firewall wall,but your statement that unless your using
    dialup there is no need for a software firewall has me wondering,I would
    see a Greater need with always on Broadband,not all people can afford or
    have the knowledge of using a hardware firewall such as a router.I tried the
    Internet Security for the Privacy features and had disabled the firewall,but
    the whole software suite was such shite,and went thru great pains to remove
    R.A.D., Jan 2, 2004
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