Laser Printer and Ink Jet Printer Ink Cartridge Delivery MethodPictures Please

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by flbroker1, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. flbroker1

    flbroker1 Guest

    Laser Printer and Ink Jet Printer Ink Cartridge Delivery Method
    Pictures Please


    I am working on a website and need pictures of
    injet and laser printer mechanicals. I have tried to draw my own
    both online and on paper but no pictures good enough to post.

    Specifically, I am looking for simple diagrams of the method by which
    jet printer ink and inkjet printer ink cartridges work. Drawings or
    pictures of
    generic (non-proprietary) printer ink delivery method are sought.
    in color or line drawings in black and white will be interesting.

    Please help me find Printer Ink pictures. They must be your
    pictures; please do not mail me links or search suggestions. Any
    pictures with
    identifiable people must be accompianed by written model releases.

    If your image is selected for use on you will
    recieve a photo
    credit and a link to your website.

    Images to .

    flbroker1, Jun 19, 2009
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  2. flbroker1

    chuckcar Guest

    If you can right click on a picture on a website and then do a save as,
    *nobody* can argue that it's protected in any way. Strictly speaking
    *nothing* on *any* website is protected as every time you visit it you get
    a copy of said pictures for free. You *might* run into problems with some
    jerks if you're getting money out of the deal in some right wing court

    Just copy from the web. They give it to you, might as well take it.
    chuckcar, Jun 20, 2009
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  3. flbroker1

    alan Guest

    Don't listen to chuckcar. He knows nothing about computers, and even less
    about law. It's not for nothing that any image you access on google images,
    for example, always has the caveat "Image may be subject to copyright".
    It's not for nothing, either, that a lot of websites indicate copyright
    Copyright law is *extremely* complex and Chuckie's comment about "right wing
    jurisdictions" serves only to reveal that he has, at best, the most tenuous
    grasp of its fundamentals . . . Repeat: Don't listen to chuckcar.
    alan, Jun 20, 2009
  4. flbroker1

    PeeCee Guest

    Well if is an example of your technical knowledge about
    printers and how their 'cartridges' work then it's no wonder you can't draw!

    May I suggest you start by learning up what "Ink" is and what part Ink plays
    in a Laser printer.

    PeeCee, Jun 20, 2009
  5. flbroker1

    Tony Guest

    Yes, there should be some sort of a warning about this Chuckcar character on
    Chuck's usual advice is to take *everything* out of your computer except one
    stick of memory and the power supply. He then states to sit on your thumb and
    jiggle the computer plug in the socket.
    I know it, we know it and almost everyone knows this won't fix anything it will
    do much more harm than good but there are newbies who are desperate and will
    fall for any advice even Chuck's!
    The Grandmaster of the CyberFROG

    Come get your ticket to CyberFROG city

    Nay, Art thou decideth playeth ye simpleton games. *Some* of us know proper

    Very few. I used to take calls from *rank* noobs,

    Hamster isn't a newsreader it's a mistake!

    El-Gonzo Jackson FROGS both me and Chuckcar

    Master Juba was a black man imitating a white man imitating a black man

    Using my technical prowess and computer abilities to answer questions beyond the
    realm of understandability

    Regards Tony... Making usenet better for everyone everyday
    Tony, Jun 20, 2009
  6. flbroker1

    Pennywise Guest

    had to piggy back on this one

    Used to be you typed in and selected what you wanted to know about,
    now it's huge.

    I must of gone thru 6 pages and not gotten past the B's

    anyhow in google type in:
    inkjet site:

    The second link is pretty informative.
    Pennywise, Jun 21, 2009
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