Laptop's built-in wireless makes other computers to disconnect

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Sudarshan Karkada, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. I have a laptop with built-in wireless which works fine. However,
    whenever this laptop is used, all the other computers disconnect from
    the wireless router. I have to power cycle the router before all the
    computers can communicate with it again.

    If I turn off the built-in wireless in the laptop and use a cardbus
    wireless adapter, everything works fine.

    Any idea what I should try to get the whole wireless family get along
    (without having to use a cardbus adapter on the problematic laptop)?

    Thank you very much for your insights and time.
    Sudarshan Karkada, Nov 21, 2009
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  2. Sorry, forgot to mention that all the computers use Windows XP.
    Sudarshan Karkada, Nov 21, 2009
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  3. Are all the wireless computers using the same radio format, like 11b, G, or
    N, or is the problem machine using something different than the rest? Also
    check out the method it's using, Adhock or another method with regards to
    the rest of the machines.
    GlowingBlueMist, Nov 21, 2009
  4. Sudarshan Karkada

    Pavel A. Guest

    IMHO you should inform the vendor of the laptop.
    They know how to contact maker of the built-in wireless.

    Pavel A., Nov 22, 2009
  5. Hi
    Which Wireless manger is used in each case? I.e., the vendor's Wireless
    software software or Windows Native Wireless Utility (WZC).
    Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)
    Jack [MVP-Networking], Nov 22, 2009
  6., Nov 22, 2009
  7. Sudarshan Karkada

    MapleE. Guest

    In my experience as to 'Wireless' that is quite tricky, unless you know it
    well, ...

    All of the computers in my household needs to 'G' form of Adapters that are
    slower than 'N' form of Adapter. This seems to me primarily due to my ISP.
    If I'd use 'N' form of wireless Adapter, I can not connect at all or
    simply other PCs can not get Internet.

    In my suggestion, try to ask your ISP whether your Laptop built-in wireless
    is compatible to ISP that you're subscribing.
    Also, I think that Router and Adapter needs to be same form. In my case,
    the Router is 'G,' then I can not use 'N' form of Adapters.

    Because of my inexperience on Wireless and etc., I wasted quite money
    purchasing wrong adapters in the past.
    MapleE., Nov 24, 2009
  8. Sudarshan Karkada

    John Guest

    Are you using a (free) WiFi router from your ISP? If not, your ISP has
    nothing to do with your WiFi.
    Most 802.11n adapters are backward compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b
    wireless network. They can connect to any a, b, g or n wireless network.
    If the ISP doesn't provide WiFi router, they have nothing to do with your
    choice of WiFi network (802.11a/b/g/n)
    Not necessarily.
    I'm almost positive that misconfiguration is causing it. I'm using a Linksys
    WRT54G router (it's an 802.11g router). 1 desktop and 1 laptop with 802.11n
    adapters connect without any problem. In addition to that, I have 1 more
    laptop with 802.11g adapter connecting with no issues.
    John, Nov 24, 2009
  9. Sudarshan Karkada

    MapleE. Guest

    Yes, my ISP has been providing its own Modem/Router combo. that might
    control everything we're doing. Someone suggesting we'd better to get our
    own choice, ... but 'compatible' is an issue. Also, we are NOT 'tech-savour'
    to tackle complixities of 'wireless' and etc. Practically, we got stuck,
    but we also appreciate the ISP with which we have a good term, even though
    we need to wait for couple of days tech. to come whenever any issue arises.

    Furthermore, the ISP appears to be not always giving an honest opinion for
    our endevour to set-up by our own. Lease is $5 monthly that does not come
    cheap over years, ... but again we do not like to lose a good wireless
    connection that we've been enjoying.
    MapleE., Nov 24, 2009
  10. Sudarshan Karkada

    John Guest

    Why would they give you an honest opinion and lose $5/month? Ask a
    friend/family tech person. I'm sure they'll be able to give you great
    suggestions or even help you with the setup.
    That's why they don't want you to get your own router. $60/year to rent
    their wireless G router. You can own one for the same amount of money or
    John, Nov 24, 2009
  11. Sudarshan Karkada

    Barb Bowman Guest

    Tell Comcast you want to be swapped out for a stand alone modem and a no charge
    N wireless router.

    there is a link on the page above to do this.

    Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman, Nov 25, 2009
  12. Sudarshan Karkada

    john Guest

    It seems to me that at $5.00/month it would take only 18 months to pay
    off the purchase of a 80211n router from then on you are basically
    earning $5.00/month.

    john, Nov 25, 2009
  13. Sudarshan Karkada

    MapleE. Guest

    Well, ..... in the past, I thought about that, ... a kind of stupid to pay
    monthly fee. But, as I stated in my previous post, there is NO single
    person in my household is 'tech savvy' to tacke wireless and etc. in the
    case some crisis occurs, ... such as 'not able to get decent connection.'
    We, all can tolerate a bit slower than 'other leading ISP,' but we have NO
    patience for 'non-Internet.' Internet is one of our most enjoyable
    entertainments, ... can do inside house.

    Aside this, ... if I'd change to 'stand-alone' Barb Bowman' suggesting, ita
    tech. service might get 'downgrade,' while its speed gets 'upgrade.' Then,
    we, all are happy about current situation, $5 fee that is not much asking.
    Believe me, mojority of tech. guys are very knowlegeable to tackle any
    issues we've been having.
    MapleE., Nov 25, 2009
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