Laptop Graphics - Advice sought re refresh rates, etc.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Mod, Sep 19, 2003.

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    I'm in the process of buying a new laptop and quite like the look of
    a couple from Toshiba and Samsung's range of models.
    However, the last time I owned a laptop was several years ago when a
    233 MHz Pentium based beast was pretty much top of the range. -:)
    This was back in the days when they only had around 2 Megs of Video
    Memory and, after working on it for a couple of hours, my eyes would
    inevitably start to hurt. I put this down to the dismal refresh rates
    (60 KHz) as I never use my desktops on any settings lower than around
    85 KHz wherever possible.
    Anyway, as stated earlier, I'm shopping around for a new one and like
    the look and feel of the above models but (with past experiences still
    at the back of my mind) have been checking the refresh rate settings
    thereof. Each of the Toshiba and Samsung models I managed to have a
    play around on at my local PC shop only had a maximum 60 KHz setting
    available despite both running more advanced graphics controllers (the
    Toshiba uses the Intel 855GM, and although I can't find any specifics
    as to how much actual VRAM this utilises, I imagine it's considered
    pretty proficient to be included in so many notebooks.) Similarly, the
    Samsung X10 has a Nvidia Ge-Force 4 Go 440 64MB video Graphics
    Controller but this too tops out at 60KHz.

    So, what's the Bobby Moore with the low refresh rates?
    Has the quality of laptop screens evolved sufficiently in recent years
    to override any concerns I have in this respect?
    I'd really appreciate any advice here as I don't want to buy a machine
    that causes me problems any time I use it for long periods.
    Thanks in advance for any advice you may have to offer.
    Mod, Sep 19, 2003
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