Laptop drive caddy release Dell Latitude LS

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by 1st-timer, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. 1st-timer

    1st-timer Guest

    Hi folks. Excuse me, I'm totally new to laptops. Got one used
    through ebay, arrived today and i cant get the drive caddy open lol.

    I suspect that the release button was broken off, because next to the
    drive bay is a little hole where one would fit. Every other component
    has a convenient release button, but this one, just a hole. I looked
    around inside there but I can't figure any place to apply pressure
    that would open the drive bay.

    This unit was advertised as Grade "A", so either they lied or I'm an
    idiot. I'd like to know which, please help.

    1st-timer, Apr 16, 2004
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  2. 1st-timer

    Yddap Guest

    Talking about the Hard Drive, I presume.

    If it is like a Latitude 600 or CPx there is a screw missing
    go to the dell website

    and search for the service manual

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    Yddap, Apr 16, 2004
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  3. 1st-timer

    Guest Guest

    In a couple of minutes browsing the Dell Web site, I found the manual
    for your laptop. Tried that?
    Guest, Apr 16, 2004
  4. 1st-timer

    Yddap Guest

    Yddap, Apr 16, 2004
  5. 1st-timer

    1st-timer Guest

    yeah, that eventually occurred to me.. sorry about this post.
    1st-timer, Apr 17, 2004
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