Laptop Display Sideways

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by DZN, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. DZN

    DZN Guest

    Trying to troubleshoot my mothers laptop by phone. Its a relatively new
    Dell lapp running Windows XP. She did something and now the dislay is
    sideways (apparently only on her account, noit my father's account on the
    same computer). Restarting and pressing f8 and start with last know good
    configuation doesn'tcure this. Any suggestions for fixing this (excluding
    just turning the comuter sideways,replacing with a MAC or Linux-based
    machine etc.) would be appreciated.
    DZN, Oct 28, 2007
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  2. DZN

    meerkat Guest

    All the angles here...
    meerkat, Oct 28, 2007
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  3. DZN

    why? Guest

    This has been asked before,

    Ctrl/Alt + the arrow keys to rotate the display. , from looking


    Or another PC if you plug in the DELL model or service tag into the DELL
    support site get the manuals for the page about the key combinations.

    Or look for hot keys windows xp

    Microsoft® Windows® screen display is rotated 90 degrees or ...
    Operating System, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP. Part No, (none) ...
    Some Intel® graphics drivers allow the user to rotate the display. ... - 25k -
    Cached - Similar pages

    Screeen Display
    My screen display has turned upside down in Windows Xp, any ideas??? A
    few display drivers can rotate the screen. Two that I know about nVidia
    and ATI. ... - 44k - Cached - Similar
    rotate display / rotate screen

    Don't use LKG unless you know what it does. Try searching 24HSHD as
    well, it wasn't very long ago IIRC I posted some links about it as well.
    Press the correct hot key to rotate the display,

    Searching 24HSHD,

    28 results for display sideways

    screen display rotated 180 degrees
    Rotate display on inspiron Some how I managed to get my new DELL
    Inspiron 6400
    screen to go to ... Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:51 pm Post subject: Re:
    display on inspiron ... -
    25k -
    Cached - Similar pages Yahoo! Answers - My desktop screen is sideways on
    my dell ...
    Aug 26 by why? - 7 messages - 5 authors

    Laptop display rotated
    .... about a month and i somehow have rotated the display 90 degrees. I
    do not know
    how I did it but more importantly do not now how to get it back to the
    position. Can anyone help? Try CTRL+ALT+Up arrow Great, Thanks That did
    I was hurting my neck trying to read the owners manual printed sideways.
    Jul 30 by p4o2 - 6 messages - 4 authors

    Desktop suddenly going horizontal
    I can also hit the wrong keys and turn the display screen
    sideways/upside down, I
    turn'd off my display hotkeys. :) -

    dell inspiron rotate display

    Rotate display on inspiron
    Some how I managed to get my new DELL Inspiron 6400 screen to go to ...
    Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:51 pm Post subject: Re: Rotate display on
    inspiron ... - 25k - Cached - Similar

    Yahoo! Answers - My desktop screen is sideways on my dell inspiron ...
    My desktop screen is sideways on my dell inspiron notebook? ... Ex:
    Nvidia Control Panel-> Display-> Appearance-> Rotate Display. 2 weeks
    ago - Report Abuse ... - 60k
    - Cached - Similar pages

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    why?, Oct 28, 2007
  4. DZN

    TJ Guest

    One of my machines has a GeForce NVIDIA graphics card that has a rotate
    screen 90,180,270 degrees option as part of the settings in the taskbar.

    All kidding aside, of what practical use is this fuction? I've never found
    any use for it, but there must be some?

    Why would anyone want/need to turn their display to the left, the right, or
    upside-down? Serioulsy.
    TJ, Oct 28, 2007
  5. DZN

    meerkat Guest

    One example.
    Some people turn their camera sideways to take pictures.
    So the picture is sideways on.
    Flip the screen, and you can view the picture correctly.
    meerkat, Oct 28, 2007
  6. DZN

    Whiskers Guest

    Some sorts of job are easier to do with a display that has the long side
    vertical instead of horizontal. So if you have your monitor mounted that
    way, it's quite nice to be able to 'rotate' everything else to match.
    Some monitors have mounts that allow the screen to be physically moved
    from one position to the other.
    Whiskers, Oct 28, 2007
  7. DZN

    nobody > Guest

    My orthopedist's office has their BIG widescreen lcd monitors on carts
    and rotated either 90 or 270 degrees. Their paperwork and electronic
    copies of Xrays work much better that way, as well as clearing doorways.

    Upside down, I've seen LCD monitors mounted under shelves to keep the
    desktop clear. Also, some of the fancy executive desks that show the
    screen thru the surface of the desk using remoted CRTS needed to be
    upside-down because of the mirror.

    I've seen various vidcards that even do side to side flip. There has to
    be a reason, but I don't know it
    nobody >, Oct 28, 2007
  8. DZN

    why? Guest

    Can't view A4 full size, turn screen 90deg rotate the display and get A4
    at 100%.
    Other is viewing pictures at something less than 100%, in portrait mode
    default is 100%.

    That's on a 1280x1024, in portrait it's 1024 x 1280 another few 100
    pixels helps.

    Upside down is handy, use existing mounting brackets and simply rotate
    the display 180 so it looks correct when used to hang down from a

    why?, Oct 28, 2007
  9. DZN

    kráftéé Guest

    Far easier to flip the photo...
    kráftéé, Oct 29, 2007
  10. DZN

    Jim McCardle Guest

    I do not remember whether I did this or a customer did but it was
    tricky to fix as the mouse movements seemed wrong. I think I looked in
    the manual for the laptop and found some obscure key combination that
    rotaed the screen. If you contact the friendly support team at Dell
    they should be able to help you. It is nothing serious just a bloody
    I did a qick search via google and saw this item
    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
    I think its you hit control-alt up arrow and it should realign your
    3 months ago
    Report It Asker's Rating: Asker's Comment: thank u soooooooo muh! u
    just saved my neck muscles. Is this what you are searching for?Rating:
    Good Answer Rating: Bad Answer
    here are some urls to look at.
    Help2Go - Dell Laptop screen rotationDell Laptop screen rotation ...
    using the arrow keys on my Dell Laptop and the screen rotated 90
    degrees. ... Look for anything that relates to rotation. ...,com_forum/Itemid,32/page,viewtopic/t,19619/
    - 32k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    Google Answers: LaptopsAs your laptop starts up, watch the screen
    closely. When you see the blue "Dell" logo appear, press your <F2>
    key. This interrupts the normal startup ... - 18k - Cached -
    Similar pages - Note this

    My laptop windows screen has gone upside down, i dont know what to
    ....Also check if your laptop has a another short cut key for reversing
    the screen. Check the shortcuts that you have to activate with the Fn
    key since these ... - 158k -
    Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    How do i make my laptop screen look normal again? Its now rotated
    ....Try Contol and using one of the arrow keys to rotate the screen.
    .... how is dell customer support in india or should i drop my plans to
    buy dell laptop? ... - 83k -
    Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    90 degrees rotation? - Yahoo! Answers90 degrees rotation? i mistakenly
    pressed a key on my computer keyboard and now my screen is rotated
    90degrees. i have a dell laptop and using window ... - 49k -
    Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    Rotate ScreenQuestion: I want to rotate the screen on my laptop - have
    tried the alt. ctrl and arrow keys. Also tried ctrl, shift and arrow
    keys but they don't work. ... - 71k
    - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    Photo Matt » Vertical Mac OS XActually on my server that has a 7300GT
    Nvidia card can rotate the screen and I have it hooked up to a Dell
    e551c (POS). But when I go to the news editors ... - 21k - Cached - Similar
    pages - Note this

    Solved: Dell Inspiron 1550 - Inverted Display - Tech Support Guy
    ....When I connect an external monitor to the laptop, and press the
    'Fn+F8(CRT/LCD)' keys the display on both the external monitor and
    latop is displayed ...
    - 47k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    Year-End Mac Upgrade - O'Reilly Digital Media BlogMy wife’s Dell
    laptop has a beautiful screen, so after some more research .... there
    was some sort of key combination that could rotate the computer
    display ...
    - 34k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

    upside down laptop! - Notebook Forums and Laptop
    ....Reload this Page upside down laptop! ... My 6 year
    old pressed a combination of keys on my dell inspiron 1300 laptop, and
    now my display is ... - 76k - Cached -
    Similar pages - Note this

    Hope this helps.
    Jim McCardle, Oct 29, 2007
  11. DZN

    chuckcar Guest

    One possible use is for viewing documents. Xerox PARC had monitors with
    aspect ratios reversed so the monitor would "appear" to be sitting on
    it's side. Take a look at a closed book and then turn it sideways and
    you'll see the rational.
    chuckcar, Oct 29, 2007
  12. DZN

    Tony Guest

    Another possible use is if your eyeball are sideways or are upside-down in
    your eye sockets.
    Tony, Oct 29, 2007
  13. DZN

    Scott W Guest

    Scott W, Oct 29, 2007
  14. DZN


    Jun 20, 2009
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    all you have to do is hit control, alt , and the up arrow key

    ur welcome:stupido:
    noahb18, Jun 20, 2009
  15. DZN

    Dell - Dishant C

    Jun 6, 2012
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    Hi ,

    My name is Dishant and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell
    Use CTRL + ALT + DELETE and a different key combination like the UP,DOWN,RIGHT &LEFT arrow keys with which we play games , They are also called as the gamer keys .
    If you use the combination of CTRL + ALT + DELETE and arrow keys the screen will change sideways or wherever you want it to be like if it is stuck and you are using a laptop take out the battery and power cable and keep pressing the power button and then put in the power cable (AC ADAPTER ) this will kind of refresh your computer and then try it but it will work in the first go if still it does not resolved the problem back up your important data and do a OSRI
    operating system re installation with the RE - instillation CD that came along with your dell computer or look or latest updates about your problem on

    Dell – Dishant C
    Dell - Dishant C, Jun 6, 2012
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