Laptop battery question

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Bobb -, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. - Bobb -

    - Bobb - Guest

    I have an Hp DV6000 laptop and the battery is getting pretty useless, so I
    went online to price them and I can pay from $24 to $149 for a new
    replacement battery ! I understand that HP has to charge the highest price,
    but how can prices vary so much with the hundreds of vendors ?
    Comparing 6 cell to 6 cell and 12 cell to 12 cell pricing , there is no way
    to tell whether it's better from vendor A or B or C or X.

    So, I see HP, Rayovac, no names etc - any recommendations , experience
    dealing with certain vendors, manufacturers ?

    - Bobb -, Jan 14, 2012
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  2. - Bobb -

    Ken Guest

    I have purchased NEW laptop batteries on Ebay and never had a regret.
    Know what you are looking for and what it is worth, and you can find
    some bargains there. The deals exist where someone has something that
    they want to unload as they no longer have a need for that item. The
    ratings of the sellers is also very important.
    Ken, Jan 14, 2012
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  3. - Bobb -

    - Bobb - Guest

    Any recommendations on vendors ?
    - Bobb -, Jan 21, 2012
  4. - Bobb -

    - Bobb - Guest

    That's what I did - over $25 has free shipping so it cost me $31.20 for a 12
    cell battery. In the past the price was about $100 for a 6 cell and $150+
    for a 12 cell. I just find it hard to believe they came down that much. but
    vendor rated 4.5 stars. I'll update in a few months.
    Thanks for the advice.
    - Bobb -, Jan 22, 2012
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