Laptop and wireless printer problem

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Hope somebody can help. I have a home wireless network hard-wired through a
    Belkin ADSL router to the home pc. On the net is also my Compaq nx9030 laptop
    (with centrino) and a HP psc2510 all in one printer configured for wireless.
    All was fine until a few days ago when a check on the HP website showed that
    a printer driver update was available. When I tried to download onto my
    laptop it failed to complete. I also lost my wireless connection and I had to
    reinstall the software for the printer. It loads ok in usb mode but goes into
    some sort of repetetive loop when I try to configure the laptop for wireless
    as per the printer's manual and will not allow me to complete the software
    load. PC is XP Home and laptop is XP Pro (both SP1). The Belkin guy tried
    some things over the phone and it appears that my pc will ping everything on
    the network but my laptop times out when tryng to ping the pc. He says that
    there is a problem with the laptop's wireless card as the laptop seemsl no
    longer to support encryption with 128-bit security but (can still access the
    web without security). I turned of the laptop's firewall through all of this.
    The laptop is fairly new and there are no system-restore points. What can I
    do to get my laptop to ping the pc and be able to print remotely?
    Guest, Jan 23, 2005
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    Johnny I couldn't wait to hit the reply button and tell you to just go back
    to an earlier restore point...then I read your last sentence. First of all,
    turn on System Restore. It will get you out of a lot of jams like this one.

    Secondly, as an IT Consultant who spends way too much time talking to tech
    support, I can tell you that when they blame it on the hardware they're
    ususally saying, "I can't solve this and need to get off the phone and talk
    to the next guy". I seriously doubt there is a hardware reason you can't
    connect with encryption.

    But the better question is, why are you encrpting? It's always a pain, it's
    erratic, and I have yet to hear of one case where someone sits outside a
    house and steals your information. I just hide the SSID. That way, everyone
    can see my wireless, but they can't hook on to it unless they guess that it's
    my son's middle name.

    Encryption is never as easy or reliable as the manuals tell you. If your
    hardware works without it, just go into your wireless router and hide the
    Guest, Jan 23, 2005
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    Sep 7, 2006
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    Compaq laptops

    I bought about 30 of these laptops about a 1 1/2 years ago for my company.
    They are starting to have problems with the wireless and also rebooting in a loop. Several won't even boot into safe mode. And of course, they are not out of warranty.
    levik, Sep 7, 2006
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    Aug 17, 2010
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    Use Windows printer sharing if you are running Microsoft Windows. Access the Control Panel and then "System" on both computers; make sure file- and printer-sharing is turned on, and that both computers have the same workgroup name. On the computer to which the printer is already connected, go to the Control Panel and select "Printers and Faxes." Select the printer, right-click on it and select "Properties." Select the "Sharing" tab, click on "Share this Printer" and give it a name. On the other computer, go to "Printers and Faxes" and select "Add a Printer." Choose "Network Printer or Printer attached to another computer." Choose the option to browse for a printer, and you should see the name of the printer you shared on the first computer. Follow the instructions in the wizard, and have the printer's driver CD handy to install the printer software on the second computer.

    Good luck
    kevin_techno, Aug 17, 2010
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