LAN 2 LAN VPN Win XP issues

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Trevor S, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Trevor S

    Trevor S Guest

    Office LAN
    1 x Win XP SP2 Home Edition (XP firewall off)
    1 x Win 98 SE
    on LAN

    1 x W2K Fileserver
    1 x WinXP SP2 Home Edition (XP Firewall on)
    1 x W2K
    on LAN

    2 x Vigor DrayTek 2600V routers LAN to LAN VPN

    I have my VPN set up (home/office to office with a LAN-LAN configuration
    on the routers) seems to be working, I can get to the office W98 PC okay
    from home using my W2K PC or get to my home-office W2K fileserver from
    the office Win XP PC but trying to map to a shared resource on the XP SP2
    PC in the office is proving to be a problem. I am assuming it is some
    sort of security issue but I am unsure what to enable on the WinXP system
    to allow access ?

    I get the following error at my home office W2K PC (or WinXP PC) when
    trying to map to a shared drive on the office XP PC "Logon failure: User
    has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer". I am
    trying to log as myself, I am in the Administrators group and have access
    to the shared folders at the office PC itself and I have tried another
    users logon, same result... nada. Google gave me some places to check but
    no luck... yet

    Yes, I can ping the PC in question. I have shut the firewall down. From
    my home-office W2K PC "net view \\" gives me a "system 5"
    error but works when I "net view \\" (the W98 PC)

    Same thing when going from my office to the home-office, from the XP
    machine I can access the W2K fileserver and W2K Desktop PC but not the
    WinXP PC... same error

    I am at a bit of a loss and am a noob at this, any help looked upon

    In sumamry, I can get out of the XP PCs across the VPN but not into the
    XP PCs !

    Trevor S

    "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
    -Albert Einstein
    Trevor S, Feb 16, 2005
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