LACP Aggregate Issues - Sun -> Cisco

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jimmy Gardner, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. We are working with a Sun M5000 (connected to a Cisco 6509) server and
    are utilizing 2 gigabit cards to handle 2 lacp aggregates as follows

    Key 1: Public routed ip address
    Policy: L4
    LACP Mode: passive
    lacp timer: Short

    Key 2: Private ip address only for Oracle RAC heartbeat
    Policy: L4
    LACP Mode: passive
    lacp timer: Short

    On our aggr that is the public ip, every so often we lose one of the
    port channels, the output from dladm show-aggr shows one member of the
    pair has gone to

    Link - unkown
    State - standby

    At this point our bundle is only running on one leg. The network team
    then will bounce the ports on the switch and this brings it back into
    a bundled "normal" state.

    We have 2 Sun M5000 in the same configuration and it happens on both.
    We never lose the channel on the private Key, only the public ip one.

    We have done a lot of troubleshooting of moving wires, on the server
    and the switch side, to see if this helps, all to no avail. We have
    even gone so far to move both channels of the aggregate to the same
    swicth in hopes that we were having an issue with VSS on the cisco
    side. but it failed again after 8 days

    Any thoughts or suggestions on troubleshooting or ideas are greatly
    welcome as we have seemed to hit a dead end
    Jimmy Gardner, Jul 6, 2011
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