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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by richard, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. richard

    richard Guest

    The Los Angeles county sheriff basically said, "Ladies, take a
    vacation and leave the papparazzi alone. We need the rest."

    In response to the party animals known as Britney Spears and Paris
    Hilton who are hitting the town practically every night. The sheriff
    is sick and tired of providing protection, for free, for the night

    The other night, CNN shows a piece, which was probably staged, in
    which, allegedly, Ms. Spears drives right into the midst of a group of
    photo seekers and draws their attention.
    To me, it seemed staged because the camera was positioned BEFORE the
    car was shown. A vehicle similar to what Ms. Spears appears in the
    scene. The pappanutzees had their attention focused on something else.
    The vehicle stops. Where no stop sign or light is, then all of a
    sudden the nutzees are all over the car snapping off photos. Even
    though you could not see who was driving the car clearly.

    And Ms. Spears bitches and whines about these idiots? Then bitches and
    whines as to why she can't see her kids? Then expects the LA cops to
    provide her with protection for free?

    Ok how about this then? $5,000 per day, per officer. I'm sure the
    sheriff could use the extra money as well as the officers being paid
    extra for the duty.
    richard, Feb 23, 2008
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  2. richard

    catchme Guest

    at any time, was Britney clearly visible? could it be an elaborate hoax,
    and Ms. Spears not actually driving or present at the scene?
    i ask, because i havent had the pleasure to be there.
    catchme, Feb 23, 2008
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  3. richard

    richard Guest

    It had to be staged. The car wasn't seen in the video at first. Then
    it just happens to stop right where the camera can pick it up?
    As it appeared to be 20 or 30 feet higher than the road, I can only
    conclude it was staged.

    The only thing you could see of the driver was a bit of long blonde
    richard, Feb 24, 2008

  4. If someone were on a skateboard, or carrying a basketball, or tossing
    a frisbee, the cops would arrest them... at least eventually.

    But the camera, and a very bad miscarriage of "freedom of the press"
    principle are the intstrumentalities of abuse here. There are most
    certainly laws against stalking and harassment in every (US)
    jurisdiction. There are laws against defamation as well. I'm at
    a loss to understand the "benefit" of showing some celebrities'
    embarrassing moments because camera-toting hooligans were allowed
    to be there with no reasonable facsimile of law and order being
    present to curtail the disturbances. Not to mention them pushing
    those cameras and microphones up into faces without regard for
    safety or civility. That's why I believe some of our taxpayers'
    money would be better spent on prosecuting a few of the more
    egregious cases than, case-in-point, LAPD becoming baby-sitters
    for celebrities.

    In the case of Princess Diana's demise, I do believe had there
    been have been criminal prosecutions prior to the incident,
    then the event might well have not happened. Unfortunately,
    I believe the press has discreetly alluded to the probablility
    that there were drugs and alcohol contributing to those events.

    I'm not a big fan of Dinana's - but in sort of way, especially
    as a child, when they got married it was sort of like a fairy
    tale coming true, so in that way it was very cool. But Diana
    should have assumed some of the dignity and at the very least
    some of the decorum that goes with becoming "royality" for the
    respect of the institution... But she ran around very publically
    and shot off her mouth and made it sort of a Jerry Springer Show
    with jewels... I dunno, very sad all around, IMO.

    (Although I do enjoy the occasional camel-toe exposè or nip-slip
    shot... Drats, I guess I'm part of the problem. Oh well.)


    My name is Bucky Breeder and I approve this message!


    (This one is *cool* because if you hover your cursor on the
    picture and then left-click back and forth really fast, it's
    like you're putting your face in her nethers rather than just
    resizing the picture... Yay!)
    Bucky Breeder, Feb 24, 2008
  5. richard

    olfart Guest

    She spoiled her chance to be Royalty by jumping in the sack with every guy
    she could and never even tried to cover it up or be "discrete"about it. In
    short she was a gold digging slut
    olfart, Feb 24, 2008
  6. richard

    Plato Guest

    Trust me, they are getting paid overtime for working.
    Plato, Feb 26, 2008
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