Kyocera SL300R - The New Greatest Compact Cam?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Patrick Walsh, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I'm planning on buying an ultra-compact camera soon. I am just wondering
    if anyone would back up my perecpeption that the soon-to-be-released Kyocera
    SL300R looks like it will be the next major step forward in ultra-compact
    design. It is advertised as having features that no other ultra-compact
    has, like a swivel screen, ultra-fast continuous mode (3.5 fps *until the SD
    card runs out of space* at 3 megapixel res.), and 30 fps VGA quality video
    of unlimited duration.
    Am I correct in thinking that it's a pretty good step up from the Canon
    Ixus line? Or is there going to be some limitation to this camera that I'm
    not aware of? Because of its relatively reasonable price ($399) I keep
    asking myself what the catch will be. Also, if anyone knows whether it will
    have a shutter priority mode, I'd like to know. It has aperture priority
    but not sure about the shutter...

    Patrick Walsh, Oct 1, 2003
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  2. Patrick Walsh

    tim s Guest

    I'm very interested in it also after losing my Canon S230 in thailand.
    Has all the specs I want and smaller also. Looks perfect. We will have
    to wait and see how well it takes pictures.
    tim s, Oct 3, 2003
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  3. Actually I checked the first impressions of the S5R on dpreview and at least
    one guy thought it took crappy pictures. Not a good sign if they couldn't
    make it work in the bigger camera...

    Patrick Walsh, Oct 4, 2003
  4. Patrick Walsh

    Sebastian O. Guest

    That's my impression, too. The Kyocera S5R has the same technology,
    and a guy posted photos here:

    According to the S5R review, I get the impression that:

    - These photos are 5 MP, and look somewhat soft on occasion. SL300R is
    only 3MP.
    - The 3.5 fps mode yields nosier photos than the single photo mode
    - 3.5 fps is probably just a burst mode that might need 2 secs to get
    - Autofocus might still be very slow, the 0.07 secs are only after
    - Therefore, the single shot-to-shot time is most likely much less
    than 3.5 fps
    - The 30 fps movie of the s5r wasn't that impressive: Jaggy and
    jittery... You start realizing that for good movies one probably also
    needs image stabilization and a less pixelated output.
    - Lastly, the SL300R rollout was delayed for at least 10 days (now
    projected: Oct. 10th), meaning that they ran into unexpected problems.
    Maybe it was the image quality :(

    I am a bit disappointed, too, but still eagerly awaiting the first
    review. The camera does indeed seem to be very cool, but after what I
    gathered, I am a bit more cautious.
    Sebastian O., Oct 9, 2003
  5. Patrick Walsh

    Sebastian O. Guest

    Looks like there is more trouble than anticipated. A recently posted
    Japanese statement reads, approximately:

    KYOCERA CORP. postponed sale of a digital camera "Finecam SL300R"
    which was scheduling sale late for September on October 10. It is not
    opened to the public about the reason of adjournment. Finecam SL300R
    is the lens rotation formula compact digital camera of 15mm in
    thickness, and a thin shape. As for a main part color, silver, light
    blue, and red are prepared. A price is an open price and the shop
    front anticipation price is expected to be 45,000 yen order. In
    addition, purchase of Finecam SL300R also extended the deadline of the
    campaign which can change a main part color into an orange, green,
    pink, blue, yellow, and a charcoal with sale adjournment on November
    Sebastian O., Oct 15, 2003
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