Kyocera KR1

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Claude S. Sutton, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Can anyone tell me how to set up the firewall in the KR1?

    I have had firewalls on my PC for years, but none of them were much easier
    for a none techie to set up.

    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 8, 2007
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  2. Sorry about that.

    Meant to say "all of them were much easier to set up".
    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 8, 2007
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  3. Claude S. Sutton

    LC Guest

    LC, Sep 9, 2007
  4. I have the KR1 CD.

    I have the information displayed in your link.

    The problem is that all of the firewalls I have used in the past, and that
    has been several over years, have worked like Zone Alarm.

    I have in the past had 6 different firewalls, but when I try to think of a
    name, my mind goes blank and I can't even think of the one that is on my
    windoze machine at present.

    I have Firestarter on this machine, and it is also very easy to set up.

    All of them had a relatively easy set up.

    Have you looked at the firewall set up page for the KR1?

    If so, what starting and ending range would you enter?

    What would you enter in the port beginning and ending?

    I appreciate the answer, but you are assuming that I know more than I know.

    But thanks for the reply.

    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 9, 2007
  5. Claude S. Sutton

    LC Guest

    Basically, the firewall if enabled will block all ports - except
    internet web viewing. What you need to do is really just make sure the
    firewall is enabled - which by default it would be. Any exceptions to
    this need, that is, you have an application or software, that requires
    open ports, or interactivity from the inside out, will need to be
    specified on the firewall. It is then, when you need to place firewall
    rules. So basically these exceptions will require ports to be opened.
    Usually the software or application will tell you, in the
    documentation, which port or range of ports need to be accessible.

    That's it in a nutshell. But I would just run it and when you have an
    application that doesn't work, then let us know and we'll tell you
    which feature or port you may have to activate.

    LC, Sep 10, 2007
  6. It is not enabled by default.
    In a nutshell, you have to specify beginning and ending DNS addresses,
    ports, etc., before the router will accept the instruction to enable.

    So it is not so simple as the typical software firewall on the ordinary PC.

    You can see the set up page by googling Kyocera KR1 manual and downloading
    the PDF.

    I appreciate the help, but this firewall requires more steps.

    I tried to set it up to block port 80, which Shields Up shows as open, but
    after I made the effort, it still shows open even though the set -up shown
    at the bottom of the page shows 80 to be blocked.

    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 10, 2007
  7. Claude S. Sutton

    LC Guest

    Hmm let see, above you said 'the firewall' in the KR1, not the
    internet connection or otherwise - DNS addresses.

    I think you mean you'd like an Ip Filter. " Use IP Filters to deny
    LAN IP addresses from accessing the Internet. You can deny specific
    port numbers or
    all ports for the specific IP address.By default the IP Filters is
    Disabled." Such that a specific IP / pc on your lan does not have
    access to the web, port 80? If so apply, by enabling IP filter, place
    the ip of you pc, and port, in this case 80, and the time of the

    LC, Sep 11, 2007

  8. No, I mean firewall. I do not want port 80 open to the outside.

    Right now, it shows open when tested by Shields Up and when tested by
    System>Administration>Network Tools.

    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 11, 2007
  9. Claude S. Sutton

    LC Guest

    Do you have a service running on port 80?
    LC, Sep 13, 2007
  10. According to NETSTAT, no.

    An interesting thing.

    I have been on line since 8:30 PM Sept.12. I have Firestarter on the
    laptop. Ordinarily in that length of time, firestarter will show dozens
    of "events" some of which it will show as serious.

    There has not been one single event until a few minutes ago I pinged

    This seems to indicate that the KR1 firewall is stopping pings, etc.,
    before they get to firestarter.

    However, since the communications part of computing is something I have
    never been able to grasp, that is probably not correct.

    Except the question remains: Why no long list of events?

    I just changed ISP's. Does this ISP do something previous ISP's did not?

    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 13, 2007
  11. Netstat says not.

    Interesting as to why this laptop has been connected since 8:30 September
    12 and firestarter has reported not one single event until I pinged
    192.168,0,1 this morning.

    In the past, there would have been dozens of "events", some marked as

    Does this mean the KR1 firewall is working and stopping these events or
    does it mean my new ISP is doing something my pervious ISP's did not?

    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 13, 2007
  12. I apologize for the two messages.

    I thought I had lost the first one. It disappeared from my screen and I
    thought I had zapped it accidentally while playing with netstat and some
    other stuff.

    So I wrote another one and sent it.

    Sorry for that.

    Claude S. Sutton, Sep 13, 2007
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